The launch of Paolo Genovese’s film Superheroes became a memorable serenade, played by singer-songwriter Ultimo, composer of the film’s soundtrack.

On the occasion of the film’s theatrical release, the Roman singer-songwriter gave a serenade to a very special couple, Domenico and Domenica, one of Italy’s longest-living couples. Almost 100 years old him, slightly younger her, they have been married for 74 years and shared not only a long life together, but also the same surname and first name. 

With the complicity of family members and the mayor of Grugliasco, Ultimo appeared, as a surprise, under the couple’s balcony and played for them, on a grand piano, the single “Superheroes” to celebrate their superpower, that of loving each other all their lives.

The operation, directed by Paolo Genovese himself, gave a special moment to the two lovers and managed to surprise an entire neighbourhood who, just like in a movie, found themselves singing along to the notes of Ultimo and being moved by a love capable of defeating time, the same love that is the protagonist of the Superheroes movie. 
Year 2024