When we sit down at the table these days there are always more and more arguments: carnivores, vegans, raw foodists… But what if we managed to make good flavours, not war? That’s the idea behind the Cibi Tempestosi, (Tempestuous foods) the new entirely digital campaign developed by Armando Testa and TDH for Ponti, where different flavours and food choices confront each other in a super ironic way.

The Cibi Tempestosi themselves are the ambassadors for the various factions. These eccentric animated characters embracing different gastronomic philosophies include: the carnivore Tina Fioren, vegetarian Bro’, vegans Maestro Tofu and Seitan-San as well as many others. All proud and a bit touchy and ready to cut each other up (literally) about any little thing.

Luckily, there’s Ponti, which goes well whatever the dish and ingredient. Thanks to engaging social planning, the creation of a video and a fun gif, but above all the recipes dedicated to different philosophies and food needs; Ponti is able to embrace the courageous mission of restoring peace to the most troubled of tables.
Year 2016