Technology is not for women. Girls are not suited for STEM subjects. Little girls like to play with dolls, not robots. How many times have we come across clichés like these? With the “Tech is Woman” campaign, MediaWorld has chosen to stand by women in the fight against the gender gap in science and technology.
The creativity starts with an insight: the iconic M of MediaWorld, when flipped upside down, turns right into the W of Woman. This flipping is as much physical as it is metaphorical: it is necessary to uproot, flip, and overturn these gender stereotypes in order to build a more equitable tomorrow for all.
To convey the message, the brand has chosen two ambassadors from different generations but with the same point of view: la Pina, unmistakable voice of an Italian radio station, and Sofia Viscardi, youtuber, writer and influencer. The campaign also takes the opportunity to give voice and visibility to the stories of five role models who are concrete proof of how the world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) is made for everyone and everyone, beyond all stereotypes: Chiara Rota, a management engineer and founder of the start-up My Cooking Box; Margherita Maiuri, a physics engineer, award-winning for her studies in the field of ultra-fast laser spectroscopies; Paola Allamano, an environmental engineer and co-founder of Waterview; Giulia Bassani, a doctorate in aerospace engineering with a dream of becoming an astronaut; and Greta Galli, a robotics enthusiast and tech influencer on social media.
Year 2022