¡Tierra! BIO

The Lavazza ¡Tierra! Bio campaign launch features hands as the main character of the communication: they are the ideal symbol for the ¡Tierra! Brand and sum up work and sustainability.

The commercial tells the story of the journey that Lavazza’s new bio-organic coffee takes from its place of origin to us, through a series of videos that alternate between man and his environment in a natural and surprising way.
The screens where different images chase each other and merge are the very hands themselves: different every time, belonging to men, women and children, they talk about life lived, dedication and experience.
Their stories are added to that of the coffee and so make it unique and authentic.
There is a soundtrack to this whole “handmade” story: the energetic beat of “With my own two hands” by Ben Harper, indeed, accompanies us throughout the film.
Year 2018