IEO and Monzino with Armando Testa to raise awareness about the fight against cancer and cardiovascular diseases: two new campaigns for donating 5×1000 in tax returns underway

The European Oncology Institute is celebrating 30 years of activity: 30 years of commitment in a range of fields to combat tumours.

And the new fundraising campaign for 5×1000, created by the Armando Testa agency, is an opportunity to celebrate this fight, where research, innovation and focus on the patient continue to make the IEO an excellence in the field of oncology. 

That’s how the campaign came to life. It has a strong emotional impact building on a concept that has always typified the history of the Institute: cancer is afraid of the IEO. And today we’re explaining why. The characteristics of cancer, the most frightening ones, are just the same as the ones that have made the IEO such a fearsome opponent for 30 years. Cancer is strong, fast, tenacious, cancer runs fast, but “IEO even more so”, this is the brand’s new concept. It’s the doctors who proudly show the strength of the IEO, as it comes to life through their shadows as they take on the shape of animals ready to fight.

The Monzino Cardiology Centre represents a benchmark in the fight against cardiovascular diseases. Part of the same group as IEO, which has decided to dominate the period when you can make a 5×1000 tax donation, with a bold and memorable campaign, featuring the doctors as writers, authors penning strong statements of defiance towards cardiovascular diseases, to strengthen the love they feel for research, care and innovation. “Monzino fighting for the heart” is the slogan created by Armando Testa, to reinforce the fighting attitude of the people who struggle every day to ensure their patients’ hearts go on beating.

 Both creative shots were by photographer Gabriele Inzaghi.

The campaigns will be on air in early May and will feature on traditional and digital media during the 5×1000 promotion period.

Media planning by Media Italia.

In addition, a video to celebrate 30 years of IEO will be created. 


Client: IEO

Agency: Armando Testa Group

Executive creative direction: Georgia Ferraro and Nicola Cellemme 

Creative team: Lorenzo Blangiardo, Maria Meioli, Roberta Campagna

Client director: Sascha van der Plas

Photographer: Gabriele Inzaghi

Media planning: Media Italia

Morando focuses on Armando Testa

The Petfood company chooses Armando Testa as their Creative Agency.

Morando is a family company that has been a pioneer in the production of high-quality food for pets since 1955. After a direct assignment they have now started collaborating with the Armando Testa Agency for the creation of positioning, strategies, creativity and social management.

Armando Testa is enthusiastic to lend all their experience to create the integrated communication plan dedicated to the enormous audience of pet lovers and their four-legged friends.

Among the projects already developed, there is a corporate video that conveys the philosophy of the Morando brand, with a strong focus on the concept that love and dedication for the well-being of animals guides all the choices we make. Feeding our animals in the best possible manner is the best way to give them back all the affection they show us every day.

The video, released on the occasion of World Happiness Day, is online on the brand’s social channels and can be viewed on YouTube at the link

In addition to managing the editorial plan of Morando’s social channels, the digital activation of “Una Canzone Pet Te” on the Spotify channel deserves special attention. This marks Morando’s opening presence on the music streaming platform, with a series of playlists all dedicated to pet lovers and with Italian songs all on the exclusive theme of dogs and cats.

Further new and interesting projects are currently being developed and implemented by the Armando Testa agency and will see the light of day in the coming months.

All the energy of segnoVerde in the new campaign created by Armando Testa

SegnoVerde, a brand in the Canarbino Group, is a supplier of 100% green gas and electricity, and they are now launching their new integrated communication campaign created, by Armando Testa. 

Once again music is the star of the new creativity. This time, the advantages of the segnoVerde as an electricity and gas supplier are played out to the rhythm of one of the most popular, catchy tunes of all time: “Vamos a la playa” by Righeira, reinterpreted in an ironic way, now the stand-out point of the brand’s communication.

The protagonists of the commercial sing and dance to the notes of Righeira’s unmistakable bass, during all the times in our daily life when we use gas and electricity, highlighting the role of the brand. The result is a message that is conveyed in a direct and immediate way and, above all, capable of sticking in the viewer’s mind.

The campaign consists of TV ads, radio and a dedicated digital ecosystem, and will be launched from Sunday, April 14.

“Since we are dealing with segnoVerde, we had no choice but to choose an evergreen song,” comment Jacopo Morini and Fabiano Pagliara, Armando Testa Group creative directors behind the new campaign.

The brand has always been sensitive to the needs of consumers, once again shows its ability to ensure a reduction in energy costs, a topic that is more relevant today than ever.

From one side, the campaign is an invitation to join the Free Market for Gas and Electricity; on the other hand, presenting the advantages of segnoVerde offers that lets you save on electricity and gas supply.

Armando Testa Studios handled production, while strategy and media planning were managed by Media Italia.

Armando Testa side by side with the Unione Industriali Torino to celebrate Turin Capital of business culture 2024

Turin has been awarded the title of Capital of Business Culture 2024 and to celebrate this and promote its programme of activities, the historical local agency Armando Testa decided to join the team alongside Unione Industriali Torino, by offering the association and all Turin residents a communication campaign dedicated to the event.

This recognition represents a unique opportunity to promote the capital of Piedmont, a moment to attract the attention of a wide audience, ranging from the various national players in the economic, productive and financial world, encompassing the university and academia, and even the entire city community.

Turin is undergoing a transformation phase: its traditional role as a city of automobiles has been evolving, and today the city is presented as a centre for new synergies, a forward-looking vital pole, in a position to offer whatever anyone doing business needs: skills, spaces, materials, infrastructure, means. Aspects that all come together to make a system and create something new.

The goal of this new pathway undertaken by the city is to give “new form” to innovation and the Armando Testa agency, which has always been sensitive to the issue, started off from that very concept to develop its creative idea. It developed a multi-subject campaign with strong visual impact featuring iconic symbols of the city that come together to describe the different sectors where Turin is rewriting its own future: aerospace, biotechnology, start-ups ups etc. Three specific emblems demonstrate innovation and contemporary industrial activity – a mechanical arm, a microscope and a satellite – and they form their shapes by combining with a series of typical urban and architectural features.  Images of the Mole Antonelliana, Palazzo Carignano, the Car Museum, the skyscraper of the Piedmont Region, the headquarters of the Chamber of Commerce, the colonnade of via Roma, the Lavazza Nuvola, the Murazzi, of Piazza Castello, the Royal Gardens, the Palatine Gate, the Faro della Vittoria, the Lingotto bubble, Porta Nuova, the Monument of Emanuele Filiberto, the Statue of Giuseppe Garibaldi, a Toret, the Galileo Ferraris National Electrotechnical Institute were all used to create the compositions.                                                                                                                                                      

This communication project reflects the very personality of Turin and stands out thanks the vision which Armando Testa has always conveyed  with distinctive and contemporary language, ensuring the campaign can be  developed for newspapers, social channels and city outdoor.

Marco Testa, president and CEO of the Armando Testa Group, comments: “We are very proud to be able to offer our work at the service of this special occasion, since we’ve always shared a strong bond with the city and the local area. We like to think of creativity as a powerful driver for the economic development of businesses, and promoting the Unione Industriali Turin means promoting an innovative entrepreneurial system that works for the economic, social and cultural growth of a fundamental area of the country.”

The president of Unione Industriali Torino, Giorgio Marsiaj, underlines the importance of the partnership “with a business that embodies the very values that have earned Turin the title of Capital of business culture 2024. The Armando Testa agency is one of those Turin excellences that have left their mark and continue to write the entrepreneurial history of the city. We are really pleased to be able to count on a campaign created by Armando Testa to draw the public’s attention to this year which is so important for us and I am personally grateful to Marco Testa for his willingness to allow the Unione Industriali Turin and the entire community to take benefit from the agency’s expertise.” 

After Lancia, a new budget for 777!

The new agency created by Armando Testa and Herezie will manage the global budget for Spoticar, the brand of second-hand vehicles from the Stellantis group.

This is the opening of a new era for the 777 agency. After winning the Lancia budget, this is the start of a new important venture for the collaboration between Armando Testa and Herezie: SPOTICAR.

SPOTICAR, the brand of second-hand vehicles from the Stellantis group is already operational in 16 countries all over the world and leader in Europe, and after a pitch, they selected the 777 agency for their communication.

This new collaboration marks the beginning of an amazing adventure for 777 and Spoticar. An adventure where innovation and sustainability will be the focus of the creativity.

Thomas Dagommer, Marketing Director of Spoticar: «We chose 777 because of their strategic precision and their creative ambition which we have seen come to life on all touchpoints of the client journey. »

Andrea Stillacci, Chairman and Founder together with Marco Testa of the 777 agency: «Accompanying SPOTICAR in its development is a fantastic opportunity. I am convinced that thanks to our creative strength we will be able to reinforce not only the leadership of the brand but also its role as a real pioneer in the electrification of the second-hand car market. »

Mottura: systems for blinds and sun protection, combining customisation and performance. The new campaign created by Armando Testa.

New press creativity for Mottura S.p.A. developed by the Armando Testa agency, inspired by two important features of the Italian product: on the one hand, the ability to satisfy any requirement since everything is tailor-made; on the other, the ability to determine optimal heat levesl in the home, having a fundamental impact on well-being and quality of life.

The first print subject presents the tailor-made customisation, because “the perfect blind is tailor-made for you”: drawing a parallel with sartorial features, Mottura’s ability to create entirely tailor-made products, capable of dressing spaces with style and elegance, is presented. The quality and prestige of the fabrics, combined with the functionality of the blinds systems, create a high performance product, which, at the same time, is refined.   

The second press subject  focuses on technology and the functionality of Mottura’s sun protection. Such high performing products really deserve to be at the starting point in the construction of a new house: Indeed “A project” “that starts with sun protection”. Letting you keep the heat outside the house, they ensure energy efficiency.

The second subject focuses on the technology and functionality of Mottura solar shading. These products are so high-performance that they deserve to be the starting point in the construction of a new home: “A project”, in fact, “that starts with solar shading”. They allow you to keep the heat outside the house, ensuring important effficiency.

The campaign will run from April in the main decor and interior design magazines. The Armando Testa agency also plans digital presence consisting of display advertising formula, developed on social media on Meta as well as advertorias in the main trade presss. 

Strategy and media planning managed by Media Italia.

Mottura has been providing window furnishings in Italy and all over the world since  1963 (in more than 70 countries) with a wide range of blind systems created by highly specialistist workers. Technology and design combine to guarantee first class performance in terms of sun protection, resistence to temperature, condensation and atmospheric agents, ensuring reductions in energy costs and greater home comfort.


Client: Mottura S.p.A.
Marketing Manager: Camilla Lovera
Agency: Armando Testa 
Creative direction: Jacopo Morini, Fabiano Pagliara
Creative team: Sarin Demirdjian, Valeria Villani
Social: Sara Zavattaro
Client director: Giovanna Farè
Client service: Gabriele Nolfo
Media: Media Italia

Amaro Montenegro’s cocktail competition The Vero Bartender is back: it’s the ‘90s calling, the new concept created by Armando Testa

Amaro Montenegro is launching their new edition of The Vero Bartender, but with an even more authentic twist. There’s a totally new concept, developed by Armando Testa, to the Sapore Vero (True Flavour) cocktail competition, which pits Italian and international bartenders against each other.

From this year The Vero Bartender is the’90s Calling, a trailblazing concept, remixing the ingredients of The Vero Bartender and presenting them with in a contemporary, “cool” style.

Armando Testa, along with the Amaro Montenegro team, has created a unique experience for the competitors: sipping back in time to relive the vibes of those years and create a memorable ’90s classic cocktail based on Amaro Montenegro, starting off from the recipes of the greats classics. Cosmopolitan, Long Island Iced Tea, Sex on the Beach and Tequila Sunrise, just some of the cocktails that left their mark on that decade and in this edition, they become the inspiration to create contemporary drinks.

The Italian Final held on 18 March, saw the 8 selected finalists compete against each other: at stake a place in the Global Final on 10 April for the title of The Vero Global Bartender and the Montenegro Residency Program, a period of training and sharing which will involve the group of international finalists. For the winner, a trip to the Big Apple on the occasion of Bar Convent Brooklyn.

Armando Testa elaborated on the competition at every stage, with an ecosystem designed from a digital first perspective, structured around different touchpoints: a hero video leads the way throughout, with a visual identity that gives a nod to the ‘90s, specially designed social media planning, website and a press ad dedicated to the trade.

Production by ALL Communication, a unit specialized in BTL communication activities and part of the Uniting Group, media planning by Initiative.


Client: Amaro Montenegro
Core Brands Marketing Manager: Daniele De Angelis
Amaro Montenegro Brand Manager: Marco Leonzi
Amaro Montenegro Brand Specialist: Riccardo Scandellari
Agency: Armando Testa
Creative direction: Jacopo Morini, Fabiano Pagliara
Digital creative direction: Gabriella De Stefano, Paolo Fenoglio
Creative team: Laura Guida, Laura Celli Volta
Motion designer: Luca Perli, Fabio Semeraro
Tech team: Marco Savojardo, Alessio Cracchiolo
Social media managers: Fabio Cuscunà, Eleonora Valerisce
Client director: Giovanna Farè
Client service: Gabriele Nolfo
Field Agency: ALL Communication, Part of Uniting Group
Creative direction: Alessandro Nespoli, Alessio Capobianco
Creative team: Elisa Bonzini, Simone Padula 
Production: Alessia Radice
Project management team: Valentino Riccio, Gabriele Tordonato, Eleonora Di Cristofaro 
Client Service: Valentino Riccio 
Media: Initiative

Glam up your lips with Deborah Milano and InTesta

The new campaign to support the launch of Super Vinyl Shake Lipstick for vinyl effect lips is now on air.

If we want to feel irresistible, we carefully choose our most glamorous outfit to wear. Why not do the same with our make-up? To complement our look, we can add an extra touch of glamour, even on our lips with a super effect lipstick, like the new Super Vinyl Shake Lipstick.

This is the underlying insight for the TV campaign of Deborah Milano, a brand in the Sodalis group. Developed by InTesta – Gruppo Armando Testa, for the launch of its new liquid lipstick with intense and super shiny colours that give your lips a real, very long-lasting vinyl effect.

The TV campaign, directed by Francesco Calabrese, takes us into an abstract and imaginative world where the vinyl material is the unquestionable protagonist. The model, the face of Deborah Milano, moves around some sheets of coloured latex which remind us of the shades of the product and which also perfectly match her styling. She is a bold and confident but also ironic and light-hearted woman who wants to break out from banality, and that’s why she wants to feel super for both her style and make-up, without being afraid of showing her most glamorous side.

The video opens with a key visual with a strong visual impact: a pair of intense red lips emerge from a vinyl liquid. Then the protagonist emerges with ease and confidence from a gap in the set design, showing us her impeccable lips with their bright, intense colour, just like the fabrics surrounding her.

There are special steps to follow to apply the new Super Vinyl in the best possible way. First of all, it is essential to shake it well to ensure the components are perfectly mixed, then you should apply to your lips and leave it to dry for a few seconds. The third step is to surprise yourself by the super glam result on your lips, which lasts up to 16 hours and is totally non-transferable. This is demonstrated by the model herself, as she casually and ironically kisses the camera, certain that she won’t leave any trace.

The creativity is summed up in the claim “Glam up your lips”: an invitation to pamper yourself with that added touch of style and personality, even in your choice of lipstick whenever you feel like it.

The TV campaign in on air in a cut of 20” also backed up by a digital campaign with shorter cuts to take advantage of social and influencer marketing.


• Agency: InTesta – Armando Testa Group
• Executive Creative Directors: Nicola Cellemme, Georgia Ferraro
• Creative Team: Chiara Panattoni, Carlotta Gilardi
• Client Director: Laura Alberti
• Production Company: Albatros Film

Zeppola with Amarena Fabbri, created by Armando Testa for father’s day

The brand Fabbri 1905 and the Armando Testa agency together for the first time, united by their shared values: both of them have a DNA that’s 100% Italian, both believe in the excellence of what they do, both have something different which makes them unique. Today, they‘ve actually chosen each other and they look to the future.

The Armando Testa creative team worked side by side with the company after being directly assigned the account, aiming to understand the marketing needs, enhance consumer awareness and design a communication with strong visual impact for the brand, able to make your mouth water at first glance.

The new outdoor campaign running until 24 March, features Fabbri 1905’s most famous product, Amarena. The undisputed star of the campaign is a yummy zeppola obviously topped by the unique, original, inimitable Amarena Fabbri, but that’s not all. The territory that the campaign will dominate is the love you feel the moment you cook or taste something so good and well made: such great love that it transforms the simple spoon for the Amarena on top of the zeppola into a heart.

The title also has a reference to Italy and its unique ability to love and make people love food, taking maximum care of every detail and presentation. Just as Amarena Fabbri does, as it crowns every delicious zeppola, the typical dessert for Father’s Day on 19th March, inviting us to celebrate with great taste, simplicity and love for all dads.  


Client: Fabbri 1905

Corporate Marketing Director: Antonella Tolomelli

Marketing Manager: Francesca Evangelisti

Product Manager: Antonella Lombardi

Agency: Armando Testa

Executive Creative Director: Michele Mariani

Creative team: Andrea Lantelme, Dario D’Angelo, Sara Greco

Client director: Giovanna Farè

Client service: Federica Cartocci

Photographer: Studio Gastl

Alfasigma chooses Armando Testa for the creativity of the brand Onligol

After a pitch, the pharmaceutical company Alfasigma has entrusted Armando Testa with the communication campaign for Onligol, a line of remedies for chronic and occasional constipation.

The symbolic and iconic creativity of the agency proved a winner because of the way it stands out in the fragmented pharmaceutical market which is full of competitors such as those for laxatives.

Armando Testa is happy to collaborate with one of the major Italian companies in this sector, supporting it with their experience and professionalism in a new, stimulating challenge in this market.

The new Onligol campaign will be on air shortly on TV and a range of media: TV, press, digital and social media.