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MediaWorld renews its strategic and creative partnership with the Armando Testa Group to promote innovation in the consumer electronics sector

MediaWorld renews its strategic and creative partnership with the Armando Testa Group to promote innovation in the consumer electronics sector

Following a tender, MediaWorld reconfirms the Armando Testa Group as its strategic and creative partner. The successful partnership will continue until 2027, using innovation to guide the evolution of communication for a sector leader that is always at the forefront and capable of challenging the status quo.

MediaWorld announces the renewal of its collaboration with the Armando Testa Group following a tender that involved several agencies. The partnership will continue under the banner of innovation, developing even more impactful omnichannel advertising campaigns. The common goal will be to further consolidate MediaWorld’s brand positioning within an extremely dynamic and competitive market, characterized by continuously evolving purchasing dynamics and a particularly broad and heterogeneous target audience.

Experientiality, omnichannel approaches, and innovation that creates shared value will be the guidelines for this new chapter of the common journey between the Armando Testa Group and MediaWorld. In the just-concluded five-year collaboration, MediaWorld has stood out for its desire to challenge the status quo and drive market evolution. From experiential store innovation to the use of AI and the launch of Retail Media solutions, every aspect has been subject to evolution and improvement.

It all started five years ago with the launch of the “Fatto apposta per Me” campaign, which revolutionized communication codes in electronics retail. For the first time, the MediaWorld brand was put in the spotlight over individual brands, addressing customers’ needs for a trusted brand capable of recommending the best solution for every requirement.

The red “M” of MediaWorld has thus become a strong and recognizable symbol that has strengthened brand awareness and brand linkage in Italy and then in other countries like never before. The journey has continued consistently through peak promotions like Black Friday and value activities like Tech is Woman, the special project that supports and encourages girls to study STEM subjects. In collaboration with GirlsTech, MediaWorld has offered courses dedicated to young Italian women, opening up a world of possibilities and inspiring them to believe in their most technological dreams.

With the evolution and arrival of the new global “Let’s go” campaign, which established the new category of Experience Electronics and described the repositioning and expansion of the range of services for its customers, MediaWorld and the Armando Testa agency, always with its production house AT Studios, have found fertile ground to continue innovating together with new and impactful creativity. An example was the new Black Friday, this time in color, featuring the humor of Fru from The Jackal, and a new, futuristic episode of Tech is Woman. To promote the new courses for girls, this time focused on artificial intelligence, the first entirely AI-produced commercial was conceived and produced.

The “Fatto apposta per Me” campaign is available at the following link:

The “Let’s go” campaign is available at the following link:

The “Il Black Friday più colorato di sempre” campaign is available at the following link:

The “Tech is Woman” campaign is available at the following link:

“We are very pleased to continue the collaboration with the Armando Testa Group for the next three years and to tackle creative challenges together in a historical context characterized by further acceleration in the speed of change,” said Francesco Sodano, Head of Omnichannel Marketing & Retail Media at MediaWorld. “MediaWorld intends to lead the sector’s evolution even more decisively. We have done so with our omnichannel proposition, through the evolution of formats and layouts, and through the launch of an unprecedented tool like Retail Media solutions. Being able to rely on the creative quality of a partner like the Armando Testa Group will allow us to convey the value of these innovations even more effectively to diverse and increasingly non-categorizable audiences.”

Five years of success, therefore, represent only the beginning of a collaboration that still has much to offer and already has new and exciting projects in the pipeline. Stay Tuned…

Nicola Belli, Executive Director of the Armando Testa Group, commented on the news as follows:

“Rarely does one have the fortune to work with a brand that, besides pushing you to have courage, to break the mold, and to rewrite the rules of the game, forces you to consider an achieved goal as a starting point rather than an endpoint. MediaWorld has spoiled us well for five beautiful and intense years. Doing so for another three will be wonderful!”

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