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Zeppola with Amarena Fabbri, created by Armando Testa for father’s day

Zeppola with Amarena Fabbri, created by Armando Testa for father’s day

The brand Fabbri 1905 and the Armando Testa agency together for the first time, united by their shared values: both of them have a DNA that’s 100% Italian, both believe in the excellence of what they do, both have something different which makes them unique. Today, they‘ve actually chosen each other and they look to the future.

The Armando Testa creative team worked side by side with the company after being directly assigned the account, aiming to understand the marketing needs, enhance consumer awareness and design a communication with strong visual impact for the brand, able to make your mouth water at first glance.

The new outdoor campaign running until 24 March, features Fabbri 1905’s most famous product, Amarena. The undisputed star of the campaign is a yummy zeppola obviously topped by the unique, original, inimitable Amarena Fabbri, but that’s not all. The territory that the campaign will dominate is the love you feel the moment you cook or taste something so good and well made: such great love that it transforms the simple spoon for the Amarena on top of the zeppola into a heart.

The title also has a reference to Italy and its unique ability to love and make people love food, taking maximum care of every detail and presentation. Just as Amarena Fabbri does, as it crowns every delicious zeppola, the typical dessert for Father’s Day on 19th March, inviting us to celebrate with great taste, simplicity and love for all dads.  


Client: Fabbri 1905

Corporate Marketing Director: Antonella Tolomelli

Marketing Manager: Francesca Evangelisti

Product Manager: Antonella Lombardi

Agency: Armando Testa

Executive Creative Director: Michele Mariani

Creative team: Andrea Lantelme, Dario D’Angelo, Sara Greco

Client director: Giovanna Farè

Client service: Federica Cartocci

Photographer: Studio Gastl

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