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Yamaha Motor Europe and Armando Testa unleash the Dark Side with the new MT-09 E MT-09 SP campaigns

Yamaha Motor Europe and Armando Testa unleash the Dark Side with the new MT-09 E MT-09 SP campaigns

Yamaha Motor Europe is communicating again with a new chapter in the Dark Side of Japan to introduce the new MT-09 e MT-09 SP with two campaigns created once again by Armando Testa.

Unleash your Darkness is the concept of the new MT-09 campaign, and it is an invitation from the brand to free that dark side which guides the riders deepest impulses.

Scene after scene, curve after curve in the saddle of the new MT-09, the protagonist reveals his dark side: everything all around him seems to quiver with energy and the night time city catapults him into an evocative and futurist Tokyo.

The treatment of the video presents an innovative use of generative AI meaning that the full visionary spirit of the Dark Side of Japan can be captured to the max conveying the dreamlike sensations experienced by the rider onboard his bike.

An AI technique that Yamaha Motor Europe and AT Studios just had to experiment with.

Thanks to its top-level technical features, the new MT-09SP represents the pinnacle of the Masters of Torque: thanks to its extreme performance, this is a bike that challenges you to dare. The rider’s adrenalin filled riding is a challenge to get the better of his dark side where every acceleration demonstrates the power unleased by the new Dark Side of Japan.

This new campaign is the representation of the purest Darkness: futuristic mood, top-level performance, adrenalin ad technology summed up in the Master of Darkness concept.


Client: Yamaha Motor Europe

Agency: Armando Testa Group

Executive creative direction: Nicola Cellemme and Georgia Ferraro

Creative supervisor: Sebastien Sardet

Creative team: Lorenzo Blangiardo, Maria Meioli

Client service director: Sascha van der Plas

Account executive: Martina Conterio

Production company: Armando Testa Studios

Director: DI•AL

DoP: Diego Indraccolo

Photographer: Alessio Barbanti

Post Production & Colour correction: BAND

Photo post production: Riccardo Corda, Sara Lucchetta

Music: Sarah Eisenfizs

Sound: Smider Noise
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