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Yamaha Motor Europe and Armando Testa present Neo’s: Move Smart.

Yamaha Motor Europe and Armando Testa present Neo’s: Move Smart.

Mobility in the city will never be the same again thanks to NEO’s, the new electric scooter from Yamaha Motor Europe presented in a super dynamic way by the Armando Testa agency.                                                                                                                                                                The idea of ​​freedom mixed with highly functional and sustainable technology makes every trip around town on a NEO’s a truly unique experience. This electric scooter lets anyone enjoy moving both in city centre traffic and minor roads with ease.                                                                                                          NEO’s meets the demands of a really wide target, who contribute to an important change in mobility.

NEO’s was created to be smart and practical, thanks to the easily rechargeable, removable battery and all Yamaha Motor Europe’s known-how is contained in its premium manufacturing. Its finish is an aqua colour.

In the film we follow the scooter, in its two colours (Milky White and Midnight Black), travel through the streets of a European city: we see three different personalities riding the NEO’s. They alternate and personify aspects of naturalness (easy), connectivity (smart) and design (cool).  The personalities of the three riders are represented with three limbo colours. With dynamic riding and inner emotions, jostling in and out, in the end, they are all united together just like the three protagonists. The video strategy closes with the claim “Move Smart”, it was wholly created by Armando Testa along with production company Little Bull Studios.


Client: Yamaha Motor Europe

Agency: Armando Testa Group

Executive creative direction: Nicola Cellemme and Georgia Ferraro

Creative supervisor: Sébastien Sardet

Creative team: Marcello Maiorana and Mariacarmen Ranieri

Client service team: Sascha van der Plas and Martina Conterio

Production Company: Little Bull Studios

Director: Luca Grafner

Dop: Stefano Morcaldo

Colour correction and post production: BAND

Photographer: Marco Campelli 

Photo Post-production: Riccardo Corda and Sara Lucchetta

Music: Guido Smider

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