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Yamaha Motor Europe and Armando Testa present eBikes: Switch on your attitude.

Yamaha Motor Europe and Armando Testa present eBikes: Switch on your attitude.

Yamaha Motor Europe is launching its first eBikes in Europe. From the end of September using electric bikes is no longer just a question of getting around, but a precise attitude which is becoming a fundamental part of our daily routine.

The Armando Testa agency uses a dynamic film to compare the emotions  experienced while riding one of the new eBikes with those experienced while on  a Yahama motorbike or scooter: the eBikes feature in an aqua colour glitch along with their corresponding scooters/motorbikes. 

Yamaha is launching three eBikes models: CrossCore, Wabash and MORO 07 which are adapted to suit the demands of different surfaces, each conveying a clear attitude: CrossCore is perfect on asphalt for use in the city and that’s why the glitch connects it to the NEO’s electric scooter; Wabash for dirt track and gravel is linked to Ténéré, while MORO 07 is targeted at woodland and is ideal for professional competitions just like the WR450F. 

Reference to the colour aqua can certainly be attributed to the segment Move, Live, Love and refers here to the electric range. The video strategy of the individual products closes with three payoffs: “Move the city” for CrossCore, “Feel the adventure” for Wabash and “Race the thrill” for MORO 07. 

The concept of the campaign, developed for digital, social, print and catalogue pictures, is further enhanced with  the claim “Switch on your attitude”: an invitation to make a choice based on how you get around the city, outside the city or for adventures. The eBikes presented are the perfect answer to the needs of anyone who wants to have an enjoyable ride, as well as anyone who challenges themselves to overcome their limits. The pedal assist systems ensure a great and truly intense experience whatever the terrain.

Creativity was entirely developed by Armando Testa, and along with the production company Armando Testa Studios, they conceived this innovative launch for Yamaha.

Planning managed by Yamaha Motor Europe.


Client: Yamaha Motor Europe

Agency: Armando Testa Group

Executive Creative Direction: Nicola Cellemme and Georgia Ferraro

Creative supervisor: Sébastien Sardet

Creative Team: Marcello Maiorana, Roberto Capodanno and Mariacarmen Ranieri

Client service team: Sascha van der Plas and Martina Conterio

Production Company: Armando Testa Studios

Director: Iacopo Boccalari

Colour correction and post production: BAND

Photography: Marcello Mannoni

Photo post-production: Sara Lucchetta and Riccardo Corda

Music: Guido Smider

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