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XMAX Family: with the new 2023 global campaign, created by Armando Testa, Yamaha invites riders to “Follow the MAX”

XMAX Family: with the new 2023 global campaign, created by Armando Testa, Yamaha invites riders to “Follow the MAX”

Over the first ten years of life, the XMAX family was positioned as the best-selling range of Sport Scooters, and in 2017 it further strengthened its leadership in the European market with the introduction of the XMAX 300. Yamaha Motor Europe’s launch of the new 100% connected XMAX range for 2023 represents one of the most important steps forward in recent years in terms of Yamaha Sport Scooter design

The new campaign was designed by the Armando Testa agency and forms part of the Nothing but the MAX film saga, which began in 2021 with the video TMAX – Straight to the MAX: a series of independent stories inspired by spy and action movies to highlight the dynamism and modernity of the scooters through high intensity riding scenes.                                                                     The creativity for the global launch of the XMAX family was developed from the new design, in particular the new headlights that look like the shape of an X and come to symbolise the performance and style that riders can achieve aboard the XMAX .                                                       The hero of the film actually finds himself pursuing a series of mysterious Xs that appear along his path and that lead him to the end of his mission.                                                           The range boasts three main features: functionality, performance and design. That leads to the campaign claim, Follow the MAX, an invitation for all riders to follow the max functionality, performance and design.

The multi touch point campaign is planned globally to present the XMAX 300 model to the Thai market and other Asian countries, and the XMAX 300 Tech MAX, XMAX 300, XMAX 125 Tech MAX and XMAX 125 models to the European one, underlining the international appeal of the most successful Yamaha Sport Scooters.


Agency: Armando Testa Group

Executive creative direction: Nicola Cellemme and Georgia Ferraro

Creative supervision: Sebastien Sardet

Creative team: Roberto Capodanno and Davide Carretta

Client service: Sascha van der Plas, Martina Conterio

Production company: Armando Testa Studios

Director: Michele Sirigu

DOP: Cesare Danese

Photographer: Luciano Consolini

Colour correction and post production: BAND

Photo post production: Sara Lucchetta, Riccardo Corda

Music and SFX: Guido Smider

TMAX Tech MAX Key Visual

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