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With Daikin and Armando Testa savings in the air… and in the new campaign too

With Daikin and Armando Testa savings in the air… and in the new campaign too

The collaboration between Daikin and the Armando Testa agency continues. This time the new campaign is dedicated to a cashback promotion for summer and winter.

The buzzword is “savings” that the team have translated into a fun and creative concept strictly linked to the activity of the brand: savings in the air.

Thanks to the friendly and vivacious tone of voice of the claim the quintessential icon of saving has undergone a reinterpretation.

Resulting in an unexpected and eye-catching key visual, focused on the classic piggy bank, reworked in a fun and ethereal version, almost as if there were balloons floating around the air conditioning unit. Very light and just like the price of the bills for anyone who buys a Daikin air conditioner.

The campaign is developed on a range of touch-points, including static assets, promotional materials for points of sale and a 30” radio ad. In addition, the animated version of the key visual is the focal point of a digital eco-system that will promote cashback on the brand’s social channels.


Client: Daikin Air Conditioning Italy S.p.A.

CMO: Andrea Grassi

Marketing Department: Patrick Sirtoli

Agenzia: Armando Testa S.p.A.

Executive Creative Direction: Michele Mariani

Creative Team: Dario D’Angelo, Stefano Arrigoni, Clara Vincelli, Ilaria Lavagnolo

Client Direction: Gina Graci

Account Team: Federica Cartocci

Head of Social Content: Valentina Salaro

Social Media Manager: Sara Zavattaro

Motion Designer: Fabio Semeraro, Luca Perli

Production Company: Armando Testa Sudios

Voice over: Roberto Benfenati

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