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Vecchia Romagna showcases “Maestri di Emozioni”, their new branded content with Federico Buffa, created by Armando Testa.

Vecchia Romagna showcases “Maestri di Emozioni”, their new  branded content with Federico Buffa,  created by Armando Testa.

Vecchia Romagna presents their new project “Maestri di Emozioni” (Masters of Emotions)branded content in 3 (three) episodes available on Corriere della Sera’s digital platform

and the social channels owned by Vecchia Romagna.

The project, conceived by the Armando Testa agency in collaboration with CairoRCS Studio, describes how talent and know how produce unique emotions.

In a series of three episodes three Maestri di Emozioni talk about their skills, their secrets and their passions as they sample three prestigious Riserve of the Vecchia Romagna range.

Federico Buffa, Italian journalist and writer acts as their host with all his charisma and storytelling passion he accompanies the viewers along an emotional journey traversing the lives and careers of the grand masters. 

Marco Tardelli, star of the 1982  Italian National football team, reveals all the emotions contained in his iconic exaltation during the World cup with a shout that has passed into history;

Giuseppe Vessicchio, the best loved orchestra conductor from the Sanremo Festival, takes us with him through a story made up of notes and harmonies: a lifetime dominated by music;

Iginio Massari, the greatest Italian Pastry maker in the world, explains how searching for perfection makes each of his creations unique. 

Three Maestri all share passion which they convey in their work, just like Vecchia Romagna which, since 1820, has combined Italian know how in the world of  spirits with the ability to experience  intense emotions.

Each interview is dedicated to one of the references in the Vecchia Romagna range: Riserva 18, Riserva Tre Botti and the famous Etichetta Nera.  

Each phase of the project was managed by Armando Testa Content, the branded content unit of the  Armando Testa agency, with creative direction from Jacopo Morini and Fabiano Pagliara and by CairoRCS Studio, the branded content unit of CairoRCS Media, exploiting their creative, digital and strategic skills. The integrated campaign also includes contents dedicated to social media, for which purpose developed expansion was also created. 

Production: CairoRCS Studio. Social Agency: Hub09. Media Planning by Wavemaker. 


Client: Montenegro Group

Marketing and New Businesses Director: Gianluca Monaco

Marketing Manager Core Brands: Daniele De Angelis

Brand Manager Vecchia Romagna: Chiara Casati

Agency: Armando Testa 

Creative Direction: Jacopo Morini, Fabiano Pagliara

Creative team: Gabriella De Stefano, Paolo Fenoglio, Matteo Giachin Ricca

Client service: Giovanna Farè, Gabriele Nolfo

Branded content Unit CairoRCS Media: CairoRCS Studio

Creative Direction: Agnese Ruta

Production Company: FrameOut

Social Agency: Hub09

Media: Wavemaker

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