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A fairy tale Christmas with Tescoma and the new integrated campaign created by Armando Testa.

A fairy tale Christmas with Tescoma and the new integrated campaign created by Armando Testa.

After the launch, in spring 2021, of the campaign “Tescoma. Your home, your story “, which was multi-subject and inspired by the world of fairy tales and broadcast on TV, radio, print and outdoor, Armando Testa now brings a new exciting story to life. It was created to celebrate the magic of Christmas and to consolidate the new brand positioning.

The new ad is inspired by Peter Pan and all grown-ups who want to be children again at Christmastime. The protagonist has the same unstoppable vitality of a modern-day Peter Pan.  He stays up all night, until dawn, to prepare an infinite number of biscuits with the help of his truly magical assistant, the Tescoma Sparabiscotti, ideal to make quick, easy and delicious shortbread biscuits, homemade but as fantastic as in any pastry shop.

TV, but not only. The young couple are the stars of the ad, together with Sparabiscotti of course, and they also feature in the press ad, and a bit like Peter Pan with his Wendy, they pose in front of the camera looking like co-conspirators, immersed in a dreamy Christmassy atmosphere.

Even if inspired by the most beautiful fairy tales, the world shown in each subject of the Tescoma campaign is not imaginary, but a reality that describing anyone’s home: a real place, made up of stories, emotions and, sometimes, even lots of little indispensable accessories, such as Tescoma products. Because this is exactly the brand purpose: to make everyone’s everyday life fabulous with original and surprising ideas and gadgets.

On air from 28 November, Tescoma Christmas includes multimedia planning: in addition to the 30 “and 15” TV subjects, there are social and digital activities and a press campaign, in newspapers and women’s, furniture and cooking magazines.


Creative direction: Michela Sartorio and Monica Pirocca

Creative team: Serena Maggioni and Marco Cetera

Client director: Benedetta Buzzoni

Account: Nicoletta Pittino

Production company: Albatros Film

Executive producer: Anna Astori

Account Albatros Film: Nicola Massioli

Director: Paoloalberto Tonoli

Press campaign shot: Sara Fileti

Music: My Poetry Field, original track by Opera Music

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