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Official confirmation that Media Italia has won the AW LAB. media pitch.

Official confirmation that Media Italia has won the AW LAB. media pitch.

AW LAB, the well-known retailer of sneakers and driver of new “urban sport style” trends has appointed Media Italia to manage their digital activities. The Media Centre of the Armando Testa Group won the pitch which was held in March. They will give special focus to managing activities and performance to support e-commerce.

Founded in ’97 with the name Athletes World, shortened in 2001 to AW LAB, there are now more than 270 retail outlets in Italy, Spain and the Czech Republic. AW LAB is part of the Bata Group, international leader in the footwear sector, with more than 5,000 stores in over 70 countries.

David Pujolar, General Manager of AW LAB comments:

“We were impressed by Media Italia’s data driven approach and we are convinced that will allow us to understand and anticipate the needs of our clients and grow our Brand Loyalty. We also believe that, thanks to its international network, Media Italia will be able to bring innovation and a more holistic approach to our digital platforms and we hope to grow together.”

The role of the media centre is not only essential to enhance performance in terms of D2C, within our e-commerce, but just as crucial to strengthen the positioning of our control brands (VRL, Power) and the partnership with the more famous brands, often exclusive to AW LAB.

The CEO of Media Italia, Valentino Cagnetta, commented: “We are enthusiastic to be able to collaborate with a company that has succeeded in building strong offline/online links, on social networks between brands and final clients. Our role will be to support the company in its funnel, with specially designed attribution models which will guarantee great flexibility and further opportunities for implementation. By focussing on Generation Z, and in particular on the world of women, where we’ve 

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