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Tescoma, with Armando Testa, presents the first TV subject of the new campaign: feeling at home has never been so extraordinary.

<strong>Tescoma, with Armando Testa, presents the first TV subject of the new campaign: feeling at home has never been so extraordinary.</strong>

The film, with all the flavour of a special breakfast, has been on air since Sunday 3rd March. It marks the first of the TV and web subjects in the new “Your home, your story” campaign, always conceived by the Armando Testa Agency, and dedicated to celebrating the wide range of products included – these are the words of the agency’s creative team – “not only to simplify your life, but to give the pleasure of feeling really at home every day, where everyone follows the rhythms and rituals of their own personal history.”

Your idea of “Talk to me only after toast and coffee” has found its home is the title of the first press subject, which came out on 1st February, featuring an extraordinary Toaster-home located among the buildings in a super colourful city. And with the first TV subject we discover what waking up in that house is like, with all the flavours of a special breakfast.

Created by Armando Testa Studios, the film is dedicated to the toaster in the President Line, one of the latest hi-tech novelties in the catalogue, but also to the Tescoma products that make an excellent start to the day. With the scent of espresso coffee, with the vitamins of freshly squeezed oranges, thanks to the electric juicer, the pleasure of fried eggs and, of course, all the warm fragrance of slices of bread perfectly toasted by the Tescoma toaster.

Nicoletta Abeni, marketing and communication manager of Tescoma Italia, states: “We are happy with this film that represents the goal of the new campaign and the soul of the Tescoma products, every one of which is conceived and designed to make you feel at home, to become an integral part of your life and your daily routine.

Beautiful and reliable tools with you all day long from breakfast to dinner, making the time you spend at home with the people you love special. “

The stars of the film are actually a mum, a dad, a little girl, and the Tescoma products, tested, as the voice over states “For the most extraordinary task possible: whatever your story, to make you feel at home.”

So much “at home” that, following the creative idea of the new campaign, the object becomes a fantastic home. A backwards flight from a kitchen window reveals that the house where the family is enjoying toast and juice is not any old building, but a magnificent Toaster-house where you couldn’t but want to live. Not far away, we find two other-product houses: the Girafrittata (Omelette Tosser) house and the Infuser house, also the protagonist of the second press subject, in dailies starting from Wednesday 28 February.

Colourful, ironic, pop, and “people oriented”, with the strategic and creative slant of Armando Testa, the TV campaign can be seen and also heard thanks to a jingle that is easy to remember, which was created especially for Tescoma by Human Touch. They have also developed a purpose-made version for the radio ad, which is planned for the coming weeks.


Creative Direction: Monica Pirocca and Michela Sartorio

Creative Team: Gaetano Corvino

Client Direction: Benedetta Buzzoni

Account Team: Francesca Toschi and Biagio Carrella

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