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Tescoma, Armando Testa and Little Bull Studios: when a fairy tale is a stroke of genius.

Tescoma, Armando Testa and Little Bull Studios: when a fairy tale is a stroke of genius.

Tescoma is becoming more and more of a love brand thanks to the campaign launched in spring 2021 and inspired by the world of fairy tales. “Your home, your story” (“La tua casa, la tua storia”) describes everyone’s reality: a dreamy and at the same time realistic way of relating a private dimension, like a domestic setting, where we are the stars in our homes every day.

And after Peter Pan and Sparabiscotti, which accompanied Tescoma’s fairy-tale Christmas, Armando Testa has created and produced a new subject for the campaign, this time with a nod to the fairy tale of Aladdin and the genie.

Tescoma wine accessories are here to grant wishes without rubbing any lamps. Goblets, decanters, drip catchers, wine pourers: a world of products where the absolute star is the lever corkscrew, a true stroke of genius that lets you extract any cork from any type of bottle quickly and easily.

The film was made by Little Bull Studios, directed by Paoloalberto Tonoli, and the shot for the print ad was entrusted to Francesco Pizzo.  They feature a romantic evening from a thousand and one nights, in the midst of cushions, candles and soft lighting from lamps. And since an evening like this deserves a toast, Tescoma wine accessories are there to make any wish come true. 

Even a little story, experienced at home can become a great “fairy tale”. Thanks to all their products and campaign, Tescoma reminds all Italians that that is really the case.

Integrated communication has been chosen for this new fairy tale too: the launch is on TV with the 15” subject starting from 23 January 2022, followed by radio and magazines and dailies, as well as digital and social channels.


Creative direction: Michela Sartorio and Monica Pirocca

Creative team: Giorgia Giuliano and Daniele La Rosa

Client direction: Benedetta Buzzoni

Account: Nicoletta Pittino

Production company: Little Bull Studios

Director: Paoloalberto Tonoli

Photo shot: Francesco Pizzo

Music: My Poetry Field, original track by Opera Music

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