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Tantum Verde the brand from the Angelini Group specialising in oral hygiene is communicating the launch of its medicinal mouthwash, Tantum Verde Bocca, with a 30” ad which will debut on 21st June on main TV channels and the web. Created by the Armando Testa agency the dialogue in the ad is fresh and spontaneous as well as being topical and informative.

Objective: present and highlight in an authoritative yet approachable way the special features of Tantum Verde Bocca, medicinal mouthwash, as a remedy suitable for inflammation and swelling of the gums.

The film stars a young couple. It is morning and the husband is in the bathroom looking in the mirror and complaining about his sore gums. His wife is smart and thoughtful, and with an expert gesture she uses a soft pick to lower her husband’s lip and check them out. When she sees the swollen gums which are about to bleed, the wife reprimands her husband who tires to make excuses about his daily oral hygiene habits. Using an authoritative and affectionate tone, the wife explains that “hygiene is important but might not be enough when there is inflammation”, and then she recommends trying Tantum Verde Bocca, a medicinal mouthwash which is suitable for mouth and gum care. The demo explains the triple effect: pain relief, reduction of the inflammation and fighting bacteria.

Then we see the protagonist again at the end of the day when he is going to pick his wife up from work. His wife asks a considerate question. “And your gums?” and he replies with a simile, lowering his lip and showing that it is healthy again.

Then his wife reminds him “See, when there is an inflammation…”, and then because he has learned his lesson he finishes for her in an amusing way with “…I can try Tantum Verde Bocca!”.

The ad closes with a friendly cuff on the jaw from the wife accompanied by her saying “Bravo!”

The launch will be supported at the same time in pharmacies with specially created materials.

With creative direction from Piero Reinerio, art director Laura Pelissero and copywriter Francesca Palazzo worked on the project. Directed by Luca and Marcello Lucini for Production Company Little Bull (Armando Testa Group).

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