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Show your Soft Attitude: Peuterey’s comfortwear capsule collection is back in town with Armando Testa

Show your Soft Attitude: Peuterey’s comfortwear capsule collection is back in town with Armando Testa

Peuterey has decided to run a second episode of the Show Your Soft Attitude campaign, conceived by Armando Testa and illustrated by Fernando Cobelo, to publicise their new Soft Attitude Spring / Summer 2021 collection.

Soft Attitude is Peuterey’s comfortwear capsule collection: cool garments with a relaxed fit, designed for us whatever the occasion at home or out of home.

The first episode had domestic settings, and today a total of 8 creative subjects at last are back in the city.  Scooter rides in the city as well as informal business appointments and – can’t wait – adventurous trips, all help us rediscover the joy and beauty of being outdoors.

Enjoying the city, making weekend plans, simply going for a walk, even going to work. All these things, approached with the right spirit and the right outfit.

Because these garments endow the wearer with a new soft attitude, positive, light and fluid, an attitude that we really need right now.

This time too the photographic shots are complemented with the illustrations by Fernando Cobelo.  With his soft and visionary touch he uses the garments to draw   a man and a woman, protagonists of the city and their world for us.

The scenes surrounding them this time are not the walls of a house, but the city where we are all starting to interact again in a really gentle, soft manner. With lightness, positivity and healthy optimism. Because that’s just what we need.

So, we continue with these fantastic worlds taking the place of locations and photographic sets.

Once again, the message is strong and direct, show your Soft Attitude!

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Peuterey S.r.l.

Brand team: Giovanni Lusini, Cristina Castelli

Agency – Armando Testa S.p.A.

Executive creative direction: Michele Mariani

Creative Team: Laura Sironi, Maria Meioli

Social media team: Ludovica D’Aquino

Illustration: Fernando Cobelo

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