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SegnoVerde entrusts Armando Testa with their new positioning.

SegnoVerde entrusts Armando Testa with their new positioning.

SegnoVerde, full digital brand of the Canarbino Group, which operates as a 100% Green supplier of Electricity and Gas has chosen Armando Testa for their new positioning campaign  by direct assignation.

The collaboration involves the production of a TV  and radio ad, on air from Sunday 14 May. For the occasion, a musical catchphrase has been revisited to face very topical issues that affect the sensitivity and the wallet of Italian families using an ironic tone of voice.

“Splash”, the acclaimed single featured in the last Sanremo Festival by the duo Colapesce Dimartino, has been reinterpreted using a counter-current approach and fun storytelling.

The campaign represents a true manifesto of the divide in today’s current society.

To the cry of “but I work to pay for electricity and gas!” a voice is given to all Italians tired of the continuous increases in bills, but also eager to find a supplier who respects the environment.

The brand presents itself as a solution for living a life immersed in green in the name of savings.

So, SegnoVerde’s twofold mission is described in an entertaining but direct way: on the one hand, their commitment to the environment, demonstrated by an energy model based on energy coming from renewable sources and on the reduction of emissions; and on the  other by the ability to ensure a reduction in energy costs for consumers, who are more sensitive than ever to such issues today.

The campaign marks a new chapter for the brand, which aims at becoming a reference point in the national arena for green supply of electricity and gas using digital channels.  

Production was entrusted to Armando Testa Studios, while strategy and planning were managed by Media Italia.


Client: SegnoVerde

Agency: Armando Testa 

Creative direction: Jacopo Morini, Fabiano Pagliara

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