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“Sarò con te – Back To Naples”: the first docufilm featuring MSC Cruises together with the Armando Testa Group

“Sarò con te – Back To Naples”: the first docufilm featuring MSC Cruises together with the Armando Testa Group

The docufilm is available on DAZN from 30 May, it features three Naples fans who have been living abroad for years, as they now disembark in the city to experience all the excitement of the party to celebrate winning the football championship.

There are more than 35 million fans of the Naples football team all over the world. The flagship MSC World Europa, considered the greenest ship in the world, provides the background for a story about some of them, ready for one of the most intense experiences of their lives. A cruise full of expectations and emotions which will reach Naples on a special day: the party at “Maradona” to celebrate having just won the football championship.

Antonio has lived in Brazil for 12 years, he’s known there as “il napoletano” and he’s proud of that.

Aurora moved to France with her family when she was just 9 years old and, ever since she was a kid she’s always watched matches with her beloved dad, singing along with the chants and the superstitions while on the sofa.  He takes her on a “virtual” trip through the alleyways full of sky blue. 

Tony left for the United States 32 years ago, one of his last “Neapolitan” memories is the party when they won the championship for the second time and he is ready to celebrate again.

The three fans, guests of MSC Cruises, talk to each other, retracing their stories and their visceral passion for the team and the city.   A cruise around emotions, expectations and memories of anyone who loves Naples and the Naples team even if it is from thousands of kilometres away. The docufilm will be available from 30 May on DAZN, the world’s leading live streaming and sports entertainment platform, which owns the rights for major football competitions. 

“A cruise is already in itself a unique experience”, says Andrea Guanci, MSC Cruises Marketing Director. “This cruise, more than others, gave us the opportunity to describe the magic you experience onboard our ships through the passion in the eyes of our guests. In this case they share another passion with us and we’ve accompanied them to celebrate such a historical  event as SSC Napoli’s third championship win, whose main sponsor we’ve been for years.”

“We decided to describe the sports-media event of the year viewing it from a different perspective”, add Jacopo Morini and Fabiano Pagliara, creative directors of Armando Testa. “We are very happy to have found a partner like MSC, able to grasp the essence of the project immediately. True stories, seem from the sea, are even more thrilling.”

The new docufilm is the first challenging project involving MSC Cruises and the branded content unit of the Armando Testa Group, which was created to give added value and importance to brands using organic and cross-media contents, able to excite thanks to storytelling and creativity developed by Armando Testa.

MSC Cruises is the third biggest cruise brand in the world, not to mention being market leader in Europe, South America, the Persian Gulf and South Africa with greater market share and transport capacity than any other player. In addition, it is the cruise line which is experiencing the most rapid growth at a global level with a strong presence in the Caribbean, North America and the far East. 

Armando Testa Studios were entrusted with producing the docufilm.


Agency: Armando Testa

Creative direction: Jacopo Morini, Fabiano Pagliara 

Creative team: Sarin Demirdjian, Francesca Graziani 

Authors: Francesco Bolognesi, Michele Cardano 

Client service: Carlotta Paterlini

Client: MSC Cruises

Brand and Product Specialist: Maria Grazia Pelella 

Partnership Specialist: Antonio Di Bonito 

Marketing Controller: Rosa Serra

Social Media Specialist: Antonia Silvestro, Marta Zeppetella

Events Operations Specialist: Marzia Oliva 

Trade Marketing Manager: Ciro Petrone 

Marketing Director: Andrea Guanci

Media partner: DAZN 

Executive Producer: Francesco Carabelli 

Producer: Giovanni Marrucci 

Rights: Anna Manfrin 

Production company: Armando Testa Studios

Line Producer: Viviana Biondolillo 

Shooting, editing and post production: Luca Grafner, Oscar Grafner 

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