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When a sore throat starts to sting… Tantum Verde antiseptic lozenges. Creativity by Armando Testa.

When a sore throat starts to sting… Tantum Verde antiseptic lozenges. Creativity by Armando Testa.

Tingling in the throat is typical when we move from autumn to winter, often causing irritation and fear. The first symptoms can jeopardise our enjoyment of carefree days out together. This is where the new Tantum Verde Antiseptic lozenges come into play, to tackle a sore throat and that annoying stinging tingling, getting rid of our worries. The iconic symbol of these first seasonal symptoms is a cactus-scarf that focuses on a sore throat, when it starts to sting.

The creativity by Armando Testa for Angelini Pharma is airing on the main television channels and in digital format.

The film features a family in the park experiencing a cold day in late autumn when their father’s sore throat becomes a cause for alarm. The scarf he’s protecting himself with, turns into something else, bringing to mind the image of a cactus covered in curious thorns. His wife promptly suggests a smart and ready-to-use solution: Tantum Verde Antiseptic lozenges which act quickly even when out of home, letting anyone who feels their throat tingling start enjoying the day again with no worries. A 3D demo shows the effectiveness of the lozenges. Thanks to their antiseptic action, they tackle sore throats giving rapid pain relief. Indeed, at the end of the demo, we see the family enjoying their return home: the father is relaxed and his scarf has finally got rid of the irritating thorns we saw earlier. 

The warm and empathetic direction by Federico Brugia makes the tone of the film both captivating and reassuring. Produced by AT Studios.


Executive Creative Directors: Nicola Cellemme and Georgia Ferraro

Creative Team: Mariacarmen Ranieri and Marcello Maiorana

Client Service: Raffaele Reinerio and Chiara Bonet

Production Company: AT Studios 

Director: Federico Brugia

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