The Persuaders

After the success of “Riva in the Movie”, here is a chapter celebrating an important milestone for Riva: the 180th anniversary of the historic brand.
The short film this time is inspired by the British TV series “The Persuaders”, known in Italy as “Attenti a quei due”.
As in the original film, all played on the light-hearted duality of Tony Curtis and Roger Moore, here too we meet two exceptional characters, very different from each other and for this reason perfect for making sparks, but at the same time united by an innate elegance: Pierfrancesco Favino and David Beckham.
Summoned on a pretext to an elegant seaside resort reminiscent of the Riviera or the Côte d’Azur of the 1970s, just like in the TV series, the two find themselves competing in an adrenalin-fuelled – but also ironic – race, first in splendid, fast sports cars and then in two beautiful boats, Riva Diable and Riva Rivale. These dart across the water at full speed chasing and overtaking each other, until they reach a super yacht where the action comes to a surprise ending.
Formula One champion Charles Leclerc, who was obviously the first to reach the yacht, is slyly waiting for them for an unusual speed challenge on a toy car track.
Year 2022