Tachipirina holds a special place in the hearts of Italian families. It is a household name to young and old alike and is recommended by the family doctor even for challenging times like pregnancy and the early months of life. This is why the message of the new Tachipirina campaign goes straight to people’s hearts.
The creative idea is built around an action that, much like Tachipirina, contains great power, but at the same time infinite delicacy: the act of lightly brushing the forehead of our loved ones with our lips, to check if they have a temperature. An act that has all the semblance of a kiss, and as such contains all the power of the love of those who care for others when they are unwell.
And it is a kiss that is given by caregivers and accompanies the taking of the medicine by those with a fever, such as little ones, but also adults in pain.
The kiss is an iconic moment and, when accompanied by Tachipirina, stresses what an important part is played in getting well again by the medication and the care of loved ones together. A timeless act we were on the receiving end of as children and that we share with others today. Just like those rituals that we hand down from generation to generation, just like Tachipirina.
The Tachipirina campaign speaks a language that is up-to-date and accessible, but above all unusual for a pharmaceutical communication which for the first time touches the chords of emotion so intensely, thanks also to the signature of director Edoardo Lugari.
Year 2023