Desk overflowing with paperwork and time in front of the computer seems to be never ending. Horns from the tailbacks of cars during rush hour, eternal queues at the ticket office risk of missing the train. The new ad features moments from daily routines which seem to leave little time for emotions, preventing you from enjoying the “plus facile” (easier) side of life. But then the time comes to turn things round. With a gesture proclaiming freedom the protagonists will rip up, in the true sense of the word, the context, to find themselves at the longed-for moment for an aperitif. This original escape towards a moment of intense pleasure, to be enjoyed in a fun way among friends, starts off from a simple gesture, like popping open a bottle of Sanbittèr. The elegant and unforgettable “Quando quando quando” by Tony Renis emphasises aperitif time as well as the absolute Italianness of the brand. And it is not a simple bar tender who is waiting for our group of friends rather a friend, who is so close to the group that he knows exactly which taste each prefers. This is the return of the legendary figure of the bar tender JeanPierre, who symbolised Sanbittèr communication for so many years and who will close the new creativity with the historical claim Sanbittèr “C’est plus facile”.
Year 2015