In the Movie

“Riva in the Movie” is the title of the short film that celebrates the indissoluble link between the Riva brand, Italian excellence of the Ferretti group and the seventh art.
The film, produced by Little Bull Studios under the direction of Federico Brugia and photography by Luca Esposito, stars Pierfrancesco Favino, one of the most talented and internationally appreciated Italian actors, Nastro d’Argento, David di Donatello 2020 and member of the Academy . Favino aboard an iconic Acquariva, crosses a silent and spectacular Venice, accompanied by one’s thoughts, on a dreamlike and exciting journey.

The co-star of the short film is Riva itself and its relationship with the cinema of every era. Riva boats, both the iconic mahogany and the contemporary ones, have been on screens around the world for more than seventy years: from the most famous blockbusters to the great Italian successes.

The project is a tribute to cinema, in the city of cinema, a hymn to its marvelous imaginative power, an invitation to start again, to turn the spotlight back on, to believe in dreams
Year 2020