Its innovative shape, its reference to the colours of the Umbrian landscape and its explosion of flavours are the stars of the new campaign.
After more than 10 years, Perugina is back publicising its new product launch; Perugina Tablò, the bar of chocolate which is a genuine expression of the land it originates in. It’s a fine example of innovation, both in its form and packaging.

The campaign has a strong media impact that is equaled by its visual impact.

The advert describes a fantastic voyage into the heart of Italy, through Perugina; the “heart of Italian chocolate”.

The inspiration for this journey comes from the colours of this region, in particular the colours typical of the blossoming on the Piana di Castelluccio in Norcia, an atmospheric Umbrian locality in the heart of the Monti Sibillini National Park, which, with the blossoming of thousands of flowers, is transformed into a riot of colour in a unique display.

The journey is depicted through a narration where painting and an innovative filming technique are united, resulting in a surprising effect.

It is a publicity project where the artistic element has defined a new language for the Perugina brand, through the involvement of exceptionally talented designers captained by the award-winning video-clip director Gal Muggia.
Year 2017