Pan Di Stelle

Dream on! It's so good

What if a huge, super bright star was to rise up in the night sky over Florence instead of the moon? That is certainly what happens in the new Pan di Stelle film Manifesto: with its new campaign, the love brand moves its dream dimension from the purely imaginary and escapist to a realm closer to reality, without losing any of the power from its territory. The mission of Pan di Stelle has always been to continue feeding our ability to dream. Today the new communication project has been created to emphasize how believing in our dreams gives us immense power: helping us build the reality we have always imagined. This new, iconic star-moon releases a magical trail and, to the notes of City of Stars by La La Land, it guides us to discover everything that happens when a dream comes to life. Because dreaming lights us up, pushes us not to give up and energises us to face a new beginning. We’ll soon be able to see this magic shining over the Venice sky too, with the film for Crema (without forgetting Biscotto) and in the meantime it invites us to hold on tight to our dreams, never not believing in them. Because as Anna, the new star of the film Manifesto, says: “Dream on! It’s so good.”.
Year 2022