Pan di Stelle



“A gesture as small as a star, but as big as the entire sky”.
These are the final words spoken by the little Nyama, who has the leading role in the film about Pan di Stelle sustainability in the new campaign “A dream called cocoa”.
A story that is half cartoon and half real life, set in the Ivorian community of Djangobo, where the Cocoa Horizons Foundation works and where they produce the world’s best cocoa, one of the ingredients in Pan di Stelle biscuits.
The film, shown on TV and cinema, focuses on the problem of water in Africa and is told through the eyes of a 6-year-old girl.
Her dream is shared by her community: a well that would mean they no longer have to make exhausting journeys to fetch water.
So, when Nyma recites the magic formula, “I had a dream. It’s all true!” the dreamlike atmosphere of her tale becomes reality and her dream comes true before her very eyes.
Because at times our most beautiful dreams do come true, all we have to do is really wish for them.
Year 2018