Pan di stelle

Christmas 2021

Can you imagine a Christmas without any dreams? Pan di Stelle is becoming an even greater loveband and star of Christmas, and it rekindles its magic with its cute hero, Comet: the reindeer who warmed everyone’s heart with his great dream of flying in the 2020 film. In 2021, after a year when people were forced to maintain social distance, the mission of Christmas is to get hugging again, enjoying a moment of magic, all together. Not only a film but a whole cross-media project that brought the dream to TV, social and digital channels, in stores – with redesigned packs of the entire range and with a great competition – and on Dedicato a Te e-commerce platform and Amazon, where the Comet soft toy and the snowballs from the film immediately became gadgets everyone wanted. The project is real a dream, according to data from Kantar research, which ranks Pan di Stelle in top place for Christmas ads, ahead of everybody in the Most Enjoyable and Strongest Branding categories. And just as the little girl’s voice in the film says: “If you have a dream, believe it! And tell a star. At Christmas anything can happen!”
Year 2021