Always follow your dreams, because the most fantastic dreams in the universe are the ones you
have inside you. With this beautiful, important message aimed at all dreamers, Pan di Stelle brings
to TV the first of its new biscuit films: a campaign with the smell of cocoa right from the start. To the
notes of “A million dreams”, we see the dream of a young boy, animated with illustrations that are
little poetic pictures in themselves, and told through his own voice. All kids dream of flying, but he
wants to do it in a special way. So he does some magic: he collects the most beautiful stars from
the sky inside a tin to give to a little girl; she gives him a kiss on his nose, and he discovers that
with the wings of the heart you can fly higher than the stars. From the drawings of the dream, we
move onto breakfast, discovering all the delicious taste of the cocoa, the hazelnuts and the fresh
milk, so close that you can almost smell the aroma. The little boy dips his biscuit in the milk and
then his finger touches the tip of his nose where he was kissed. Always follow your dreams:
nothing is more beautiful, and nothing tastes so good.
Year 2019