At a time when we are more and more careful about energy saving, the “Less Light, More Dreams” project was born from an intuition.

So used to keep everything switched on, both the lights at home and the digital devices we always bring with us, we are not only missing out on the sky, but also the imaginative power that twilight offers.

Dimming or switching off the light even just 10 minutes earlier each evening, works not only as an energy-saving measure, but above all is a small gesture that ignites the most powerful energy we have: that of dreams and imagination. By dimming the light, the senses are amplified, it is easier to feel close to each other, listening to a fairy tale becomes even more magical, and the ability to imagine, memory and concentration increase. And, of course, you rediscover the wonder of the starry sky.

A bunch of kids – eleven like the stars on the Pan di Stelle biscuit – launched the “Less Light, More Dreams” project with a 30″ film planned on digital and social media.

Year 2023

Together with the film, a social pack and a dedicated landing page to explore the benefits, particularly emotional and relational, of a more conscious use of domestic lighting.
The project’s leading symbol is still the large moon-star that characterizes the Pan di Stelle “Dream, it’s so good” campaign and that here is transformed into a symbolic dimmer switch, that by rotating lowers the light intensity.

The social editorial plan has then evolved with multiple contents, such as the launch of the Pan di Stelle Pyjama Party.