Black Friday even further ahead

Also this year throughout the entire month of November, MediaWorld’s Black Friday allows consumers to discover the future thanks to unbeatable offers.
Black Friday has become an essential appointment on the Italian calendar, especially since it kicks off the Christmas shopping.
In this context, MediaWorld announces its new TV and radio campaign: “Black Friday even further ahead”.
Conceived and developed together with the Armando Testa Group, the campaign has once again Elio e le Storie Tese as its main testimonial, after the success of the 2020 campaign. Just like MediaWorld, they have always been ahead and represent the desire to look to the future and anticipate trends.
This strategic idea inspires the creativity of the campaign, where MediaWorld’s iconic M is transformed into a real time-machine, that transports the band “even further ahead”.
It is 30 years, in fact, that MediaWorld leads Italians into the future: thanks to cutting-edge technologies, new products and the skills of its employees, the company contributes to the spread of a culture of innovation in the country.The advertising campaign, on air on Sunday 31 October, sees the four artists grappling with various futuristic scenarios. During the campaign, which will be developed in different phases throughout the month of November, Elio e le Storie Tese will experience MediaWorld’s Black Friday first-hand, living different futuristic situations always in an ironic way and in line with the vision of transforming technology into an extraordinary experience. “Hi, we’re Elio e le Storie Tese, the cute little complessino! Once again MediaWorld has chosen us to work together for Black Friday and has allowed us to make a dream come true: to travel into the future! An apt choice, as demonstrated by the recent research of the Music Research Institute of Kansas, which shows that Elio e le Storie Tese are the ideal heralds of the near future and also of the previous future” commented Elio e le Storie Tese.
“MediaWorld’s Black Friday has now become an unmissable appointment for our customers and for all Italians, with which we offer them the best promotions to buy new technologies,” explains Luca Bradaschia, CEO of MediaWorld Italy.
“We are excited to announce our new campaign that, throughout the month of November, will remind customers of our commitment to bringing Italians into the future through technological and digital innovation, both in our physical stores and online.”
” Black Friday is a promotional moment in which all messages seem to be homologated. That’s why we decided to focus on the main Unique Selling Proposition of MediaWorld’s Black Friday: MediaWorld itself! It is the brand that has always represented the vanguard in terms of technology and services, guaranteeing a Black Friday unlike any other” commented Nicola Belli, Managing Director of the Armando Testa Group.
The campaign is on air until Monday, November 29 on the major television and radio stations, with a very high resonance on digital channels. Moreover, during the month of November, even a train on Milan’s Metro 5 – the most technological and innovative in the city because it is fully automated and driverless – will be completely branded with MediaWorld’s “Black Friday Even Further”.
Year 2021