Lines è

Your new idea of freedom

Nobody makes you feel as free as Lines è. The new film is now on air and it stars a fantastic ballerina who dances gracefully and sinuously with passionate choreography to the notes of an involving melody. Her body is filmed in contact with the Lactifless to highlight the sensation offered by this innovative material, which is so different from all others, since none of them adapts to the body like Lactifless from Lines è.

A shower of blue crystal drops is the common element running through all the scenes of the film, it comes to life and drops down on the Lactifless and then is quickly absorbed until it disappears, because nothing absorbs and protects you like Lines è.
At the closure we see the ballerina as she ends her performance with a frontal view of the splits. The Lactifless dissolves, the lighting changes and the scene becomes real and full colour. The protagonist smiles as the audience, now visible thanks to the background lights, applauds her. That’s how we discover that the film represents an original metaphor for the exclusive sensations of freedom, comfort and confidence experienced when you wear Lines è.
Year 2016