Birra Moretti

Just as we are

Birra Moretti cracks open a new era of communication with a campaign that helps to develop the brands historic positioning, updating it, making it more value oriented, and bringing it closer to the new generation of connoisseurs of Moretti’s unique flavour.
And it does it in a big way, with a representative film that celebrates friendship, “Italian-ness”, authenticity, and the beauty of being together, thanks to that which more than anything else makes it unique: being ourselves exactly as we are, and embracing others, exactly as they are.
The film, shot in Rome by multi-award winning director Gabriele Mainetti, condenses the stories of four protagonists (dreamers, artists, heroes, latecomers) into just a few minutes. Within their stories, there may also be a bit of our own, that unique feeling of being together and of bringing our own truth to the table, exactly like each cool sip of Birra Moretti does. Mainetti was assisted by an exceptional team: from Massimo Contini Parrini, this year nominated for an Oscar for Pinocchio’s costumes, to Tommaso Paradiso, who, for the first time, agreed to have one of his songs used for a commercial, and who, in writing it, seemed to have thought of the very stories represented in the film.
Year 2021