To celebrate Christmas, Esselunga wanted to give all the Italians a very special present, as special as their relationship with their customers.

Taking inspiration from the tradition of commercials done by the big American Chains, they asked the Hollywood Director Chris Columbus to direct the commericial, bringing to every house the magic of “Harry Potter” and the fun of “Home Alone” and “Mrs. Doubtfire.

The spot shows a warm traditional christmas but at the same time it is surprising and unique as it shows an unusual event in the North Pole, instead of snow, letters fall from the sky showing the thousands of Italian wishes.
Santa and his elves do their best to collect all the letters and as there are so many requests, Santa cannot use his reindeer and has to resort to a new means of transport, the Esselunga truck, driven by Santa himself.

To tell this amazing cinematic story, Esselunga chose Chris Columbus as Director, John Mathieson as DOP (Gladiator), Jon Hutmanfor as production designer (The Tourist) and Penny Rose for the costumes (Pirates of the Caribbean).

The spot, produced by Independent, was shot in Pinewood Studios in London, studios famous for so many James Bond films and Harry Potter.

The post production was done by MPC London

The soundtrack is a cover of the song “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas” recorded in the famous Abbey Road studios in London.

The campaign is combined with the promotion: “1000 iPhone a day for from the 1st till the 24 th of December” and will be planned with Tv and in parallel radio, billboards, daily press, web, cinema and instore.

The media was planned by MediaItalia.
Year 2016