And if you said…

The more you know us, the more will fall in love with us, is the first big Esselunga Institutional campaign. The campaign breaks with a new signature and communication concept which is the natural synthesis of a long and beautiful story that needed to be told. It began in 1957, when Esselunga was the first supermarket to open in Italy and today it is not only a market leader but is leading online shopping as well.

Discover, get to know and fall in love with Esselunga. We started from here, immagining to show, for the first time, the behind the scenes of the supermarket. Taking the viewer by the hand to show them the innovation, authenticity and exellance on every level. To show them something they did not know, to intrigue and to invite new customers. Thus revealing, bit by bit that Esselunga is easy to fall in love with.
Year 2019