Birra Moretti

Il Siciliano

WARNING: heavy snowfalls of Zagara petals have been forecast at Paese coi Baffi.

Birra Moretti, Heineken Group’s flagship product, opened the doors of his new village: “Paese coi Baffi”. A place suspended in time, both real and fantastic, in which all the peasants have cheerful moustaches and where all the activities revolve around Birra Moretti’s brewery.
With the subject called “Il Siciliano”, after “The Artist” and “The Rest” ones, we just reached the third chapter of the saga dedicated to Siciliana indeed: one of the beer of “Regionali’s range” which adds Zagara petals to the classic Birra Moretti’s flavour.
This way, in the creativity, we can see Siciliano getting through the village’s alleys, followed by an unexpected and joyful snowfall of orange flowers which seduces everyone: from the astonished florist to the puppy, up until the brewmaster, who picks a handful up to mix the petals with the beer.
The storyteller of the episode, of all the previous and the next ones is, obviously, our Baffo Moretti, performed for the first time by the movie and stage actor Pier Maria Cecchini. New format, new testimonial!
Year 2017