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Peuterey and Armando Testa launch the new advertising campaign “Made To Resist Extreme Dream Conditions”

Peuterey and Armando Testa launch the new advertising campaign “Made To Resist Extreme Dream Conditions”

Peuterey’s new campaign “Made to resist extreme dream conditions” explores imaginative scenarios was created by Armando Testa. High performance, resistant and subtle. New dreamers, heroes of adventures at the limits between reality and fantasy  are  the stars of the 2023/24 fall-winter campaign.  The visual concept, created using a range of artificial intelligence tools, combines the worlds of painting and animation. 

Peuterey has set off on a journey of discovery where their proposals for the coming season can be seen in the midst of surreal settings which come to life thanks to the creative talent of photographer and director Alberto Maria Colombo as well as the innovative use of AI. The contemporary storytelling of the brand can be defined by this experimental dimension which investigates new expressive potential. The spectacular non-existent scenarios featured include a habitat of butterflies, an underwater eco-system, a lunar promenade or rainfall of umbrellas. «The artworks were created in collaboration with the illustrator Anna Paladini using AI “text to image” technology where a text input provides an image output», Colombo explains. 

Each scenario is the result of generating around 1,500-2.000 photos. To best achieve the mood of the campaign, the illustrator concentrated on writing prompts able to suggest imaginative scenarios, incorporating some technical script to manage the colour palette, harmonized with the colours of the garments. The editing and digital painting enabled building a perfect setting around the collection.

A video created by creative coder Ümüt Yildiz using AI “stable diffusion” completes the project.  It includes the activation of a personalised code to animate the static images, bringing them to life and making them move while still maintaining the same pictorial style of the illustrations. This makes the Peuterey project stand out and it is at the forefront compared to what has been done to date and what has been possible using AI to animate the surreal world created for still images, ensuring continuity with the aesthetics and language between the photographic and the video campaigns.  

With their pioneering take on fashion, thanks to which Peurerey has managed to carve out a unique contact point bridging the fluidity of technical garments and urban style, the company now continues to explore new worlds and landscapes where you might want to live.  The storytelling in the campaign promotes the high performance and up to date aspects of this winter season collection, charaterised by its minimal style and excellent materials. 

Developed for print, outdoor, digital video and social media, “Made to resist extreme dream conditions” has been on air since 15 August with planning at the international level.  


Peuterey S.r.l.

Brand team: Cristina Castelli, Giovanni Lusini

Armando Testa S.p.A.

Executive Creative Direction : Michele Mariani

Creative Team: Barbara Ghiotti, Antonella Raso, Chiara Bonventre

Client Director: Stefano Salvatore

Account Executive: Martina Conterio

Social media Team: Fabio Cuscunà, Sara Zavattaro

Photographer and director: Alberto Maria Colombo

Illustratrator: Anna Paladini 

Production Company: Armando Testa Studios

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