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Clementoni is an important well-established, 100% Italian company, and a leading toy maker. In the run-up to Christmas its new brand positioning puts the world of children and their ability to imagine centre stage.

Clementoni’s new campaign “All the worlds you can imagine” created with the support of Max Information, Armando Testa Group, confirms as never before how close the company is to little kids and how it is able to speak their language.

It strengthens and consolidates a partnership that has lasted for almost 60 years. Thanks to playing games, kids are guided into worlds they can create and bring to life.

“Passion, commitment, creativity and “Made in Italy” are the ingredients that animate our work and that drive us every day to design and produce toys to accompany all children as they grow with excitement and fun. – Adds Silvia Re, Clementoni Communication Manager. The collaboration with Max Information to create the Christmas 2020 communication campaign originates from a desire to send a positive message to all Italian families.  Our offer can add to a desire to share and be carefree which is more important than ever today “. We start off with the smallest kids and the Baby Clementoni campaign: perfect recognition for our #bravibambini, who are more capable than ever today of inspiring tenderness, positivity and courage. “

The world of Baby Clementoni comes to life in a fantastic dimension transforming the new brand logo into soft, colourful and joyful lines.

The story continues with Sapientino’s interactive storyteller, “Once upon a time”. The ad is both funny and imaginative, and it shows that kids still love stories, also letting them make up their own stories because in Clementoni’s approach, imagination and creativity always go hand in hand.

We see that creativity again in the Scienza & Gioco Build range where the new communication format conceived by Max Information literally lets the kids “enter” the game to experience an incredible adventure, in a world of action and fun, developed to let little kids’ imagination run wild.  But it doesn’t end here … because science has always meant experimenting too; however, as years go by, languages ​​change and it’s now up to date. That’s how we arrive at Generation Z, a format created for young spectators, young youtubers: the “Clem Gang”! Three guys show us “how you do it”, reminding us, if it was necessary, how much you can learn while having fun with the Scienza & Gioco Lab range. Having the world of children at heart means above all thinking about their future. That’s why this year, Clementoni is continuing to invest in Play For Future, an approach making playing both sustainable and educational for young and old. In the Clementoni world there is room for everyone. And new products are being advertised even in the Crazy Chic field, the most girly one. To make girls dream and help them to focus their minds with contemporary, fresh and dynamic language like today’s TikTokers. The campaign runs from the end of October to December on the main TV networks and is planned by Media Italia.


Agency: Max Information – Armando Testa Group

Creative Director Dario Anania

Creative Team: Roberto Gargano and Maria Meioli

Production Company: MarkTv & Communication

Planning: Media Italia

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