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Osama’s Molors arrive on the market with InTesta.

Osama’s Molors arrive on the market with InTesta.

For the last couple of day five monster-toys have been buzzing around supermarkets and stationery stores. They’re fun, they make you feel happy and they’re full of colour, they are the Molors, the odd little characters from Osama’s new brand of pencils and markers which were created by InTesta, the agency in the Armando Testa Group which specialises in graphic design and packaging.

This is the first time that a totally new product has been launched on the market. The project came about thanks to collaboration between Osama and InTesta, after the agency had acquired the communication budget of this market leader in the writing sector.

The five Molors live on the packs of markers and coloured pencils, and they have been studied in the smallest detail: the engineered packaging has been designed to become a handy pencil case itself. The markers and the pencils are personalised and can be customised with your own name to make them even more special.

InTesta has had 360° involvement with the Molors – from the development of the characters to the communication, creating a fun and educational world all waiting to be discovered on the dedicated site, with a section of cards to colour in during the greyest days.

So are you ready for the invasion?

Molor’s colourful mission has just started!

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