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New brightness for your hair with Biopoint Hair Lamination and InTesta.

New brightness for your hair with Biopoint Hair Lamination and InTesta.

The new TV Biopoint campaign is on air, to discover the innovative effect of hair lamination.

When our hair is brittle, damaged and dull we don’t like to show it off. We prefer to tie it up or hide it with scrunchies or hats, trying not to draw attention to it or ourselves. 

But rediscovering healthy, full-bodied hair that shines with new brightness and reflects a new mood – just like the surface of a mirror – takes just a moment, with the new Biopoint Hair Lamination treatment.

This concept forms the basis for the new Sodalis Group TV campaign – conceived and developed by InTesta (Armando Testa Group) – for the innovative and exclusive professional hair lamination treatment.

Hair lamination is a treatment to repair and renew your hair that is all the rage among celebrities all over the world and today it has finally arrived in the homes of every woman, offering the same professional result as a salon in a few simple steps. Shampoo, Reconditioning Mask, Laminating Serum and Crystal Sublimator Gel are the 4 steps in the Biopoint Hair Lamination programme to ensure that your hair immediately is brighter and more luminous, full of reflections and visually more beautiful because it is perfectly sealed and thicker.

The video was directed by Senio Zapruder and stars a beautiful girl with glorious brown hair, moving around in an abstract setting, with shades that bring to mind the colours of the packaging. The camera revolves around her, and with rapid movements and plays of light it showcases her hair: shiny, glossy, 3D mirror effect.

Mirrors are highlighted mainly because one of the most obvious results is the “mirror effect” the product has on your hair, right from the very first application. But that’s not all: mirrors are also the visual metaphor that best emphasise the multiple benefits of the product: hair 4 times more hydrated, 7 times better repaired and 7 times shinier.

And for the more curious consumers, Biopoint has also created a practical kit with four mini sizes to try the complete treatment so that you can be won over by its wow effect.

The 20’’TV ad is on air on   all broadcasters along with a digital compaign with shorter cuts for social media.


• Agency: InTesta – Armando Testa Group

• Executive Creative Directors: Nicola Cellemme, Georgia Ferraro

• CreativeTeam: Chiara Panattoni, Carlotta Gilardi

• Client Service: Laura Alberti, Giulia Bresciani

• Production Company: Albatros Film

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