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It’s not a dream, it’s the new Biopoint campaign. Francesca Chillemi, new star of the ad created by InTesta

It’s not a dream, it’s the new Biopoint campaign. Francesca Chillemi, new star of the ad created by InTesta

Is having dreamy hair, only a dream? Not for anyone who chooses Biopoint.

This is the insight the new Sodalis Group campaign is based on. The group is back on TV with Biopoint along with InTesta (Armando Testa Group). And when the message is conveyed by an exceptional testimonial like the stunning Sicilian actress Francesca Chillemi, then it’s even more believable.

Francesca Chillemi is truly one of the Italy’s most loved female celebrities. Thanks to her genuine smile, her refined beauty and sparkling personality, over the years she has won over the general public. The actress’s unique radiance is now coupled with a brand that has made beauty something sacred in Italy, making every woman’s dream of having beautiful, shiny hair come true.

The campaign features the Biopoint range of masks, and portrays a “dreamy” Francesca Chillemi, in a romantic, evocative setting, as she is searching for the secret of fabulous hair.

Soon what might seem like a dreamlike journey, is revealed as pure reality, thanks to the innovation contained in Biopoint masks. Cutting-edge trico-cosmetic technology on which the brand has based its entire mission for over 60 years.

With the claim “It’s not a dream, it’s Biopoint” the brand aims to underline its commitment to offering consumers products of the highest level, able to make them feel as beautiful as they’ve always dreamed of being. But it also emphasises a promise of quality proved whenever they are used. 

 “All women dream of having fabulous hair and with Biopoint this dream can come true because the cosmetic quality of its products is affirmed by scientific research. ” comments Nicola Cellemme, Executive Creative Director. “That’s why we made a contrast between the dream world and the technological one in a video halfway between dream and reality. Francesca Chillemi’s beauty and talent did all the rest.

The 20 ‘, 15’ and 10’ cuts of the TV ad and the specially created press campaign present an opportunity to launch Biopoint’s new payoff: “Declaration of beauty”.

A distinctive and ambitious statement aimed at all women who want more for themselves, but especially from the cosmetic products they use and they declare it by showing off their tangible beauty for everyone to admire.

Planning for the Biopoint campaign will involve all communication channels together, starting from mid-September online and from September 19th on TV, with special focus on press as early as August until the end of October. Media planning and buying managed by an in-company team.


  • Agency: InTesta – Armando Testa Group
  • Executive Creative Directors: Nicola Cellemme, Georgia Ferraro
  • Creative Team: Carlotta Gilardi, Chiara Panattoni
  • Account Manager: Laura Alberti
  • Account Executive: Giulia Bresciani
  • Production Company: Albatros Film
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