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“More Than Science”: the B20 Healthcare & Life Sciences task force with Armando Testa to remember the fundamental role of scientific research

“More Than Science”: the B20 Healthcare & Life Sciences task force  with Armando Testa to remember the fundamental role of scientific research

Economic prosperity, cultural life, social relationships, individual and collective wellbeing and even democracy all depend on health. In the last year the world has become more aware of this than ever before.  That’s why the B20 Healthcare and Life Sciences task force – the global level business engagement group of the G20 – has created a video campaign “More than Science”, with the goal of recalling the fundamental importance of scientific research and innovation in the field of life sciences.

Armando Testa was responsible for the creativity of the video, with executive creative direction fromMichele Mariani (art-director Barbara Ghiotti, copywriter Sara Greco). In just one minute a sequence of images linked to everyday life (the birth of a baby, visiting a museum, taking part in a concert, the embrace of two old people, a dive into the sea at sunset and lots more),  describes the outstanding commitment made by scientific research. A voice over recalls the central role played by science to “make everything we do possible”, with continuous evolution toward ever new goals.  

The claim chosen for the video, “SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH IS HUMAN RESEARCH”, highlights the close connection between all aspects of scientific research and the progress of humanity.

The video will be broadcast on all the B20 institutional channels (TwitterFacebookLinkedInSite) and is available for global use by more than 1000 members of B20 for the coming 12 months on all channels. 

“This dramatic pandemic has shown us that only thanks to investment in research and development and collaboration between the scientific, industrial and institutional world can we achieve unprecedented results. One of which is the development in a few months of new vaccines, even using new technologies, 11 billion doses will be available by 31 December globally” highlights Sergio Dompé, Chair of the B20 Task Force Healthcare & Life Sciences. “Never before has it been so important to remember the way the progress in research impacts on all our lives so directly “.

The B20 is one of the most authoritative “Engagement Groups” established by the G20. It brings together the private sector and industrial confederations of the G20 countries and in 2021 it is chaired by Italy. B20 Italy, with the claim “Reshape the Future: Include, Share, Act”, is organized by Confindustria and chaired by Emma Marcegaglia. The purpose of the B20 is to support the G20 with strategic guidelines on key sectors for the global economy, promoting dialogue between the public and private sectors and with international organizations and institutions to indicate concrete paths and allow governments to respond to the main global challenges.

The Health & Life Sciences Task Force has 99 members from 14 different countries.

B20 Media relations – Close to Media, a company founded by Elisabetta Neuhoff Email:

Agency: Armando Testa 

Executive creative director: Michele Mariani 

Creative team: Sara Greco and Barbara Ghiotti

Client Director: Benedetta Buzzoni

Account Executive: Federica Drogo

Production company: Little Bull Studios

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