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“Not all headaches are the same” is the observation which underlies the concept for the new campaign for Moment-MomentAct from the Angelini Group which has been on air on main TV channels since August.

An attractive and refined female presenter of around 35 is in a super modern Angelini Group lab as she explains different types of headaches. She uses two quite novel lit-up boards to help give the information: two enormous, imposing 2-dimensional heads made of a rather dull crystal.

The presenter moves with a winning combination of self-assurance and authority, between the two “sculptures” which use different graphic vibrations to represent a headache and a severe headache.

In sync with the explanation from the presenter we can see the solutions arrive followed by a bright trail: the Moment tablet which gets rid of headaches and the MomentAct capsule that eliminates severe headaches. Rapid relief because “good times can’t wait”. The film closes with a friendly scene showing a young girl feeling so much better again as she enjoys herself in a relaxed way with her boyfriend on a ride at the funfair.

With creative direction from Piero Reinerio, art director Tina Salvato and copywriter Mariarosa Galleano worked on the project. Directed by Andrea Linke for the Little Bull production company.

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