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MediaWorld launches “The most colourful Black Friday ever”:  the new innovative  omnichannel campaign created by Armando Testa now on air – colouring the whole month of November with discounts and promotions.  

<strong>MediaWorld launches “The most colourful Black Friday ever”:  the new innovative  omnichannel campaign created by Armando Testa now on air – colouring the whole month of November with discounts and promotions.  </strong>

Verano Brianza, 2 November 2023 – Based on recent analysis conducted by GFK on behalf of Media World regarding the current climate about consumption in Italy, it emerges that after a recovery at the end of 2022, consumer confident has taken a downward turn. Among the main reasons for this gloomy forecast from Italian consumers; GFK notes the on-going inflationary period, the reduction in welfare benefits, and a particularly delicate geopolitical global situation, both in Europe and the Mediterranean. This complex background has forced 68% of Italians to opt for saving strategies with the goal of maintaining a level of wellbeing and personal gratification: multi-channel research, anti-waste choices and an inclination for top performance throughout the product life cycle, emerge as the top of mind factors for consumers in 2023.   

So, if on the one hand the year has been dominated by a non-positive sentiment, what has re-emerged stronger than ever, is the great appeal of Black Friday, always according to the GFK analysis, 60% of the population consider it very important, especially GenZ, Millninals and GenX.  Indeed, consumers are looking for strong allies who support them in the buying phase guiding them towards quality choices and undoubted value for money. Last but not least, it emerges that a good 78% of Italians consider communication and closeness of the retailer decisive and useful when deciding to make a purchase, both in the research stage, but above all, during the actual act of purchase.

“As market leader, we see it as our specific responsibility to bring innovation and new approaches which put the client at the centre, with initiatives that can reiterate how close we are to their needs as well as our ability to forecast such needs.” Comments Guido Monferrini, CEO of MediaWorld. “At a time that is objectively complex and where many see things in a negative light, it seemed essential for us to send out a strong signal with promotions that will continue for the whole month of November and a high impact campaign to restore tone and colour to 2023”.

Against a background where Black Friday promotions all look the same and all use black for the background colour MediaWorld is launching a campaign to illustrate, in a surprising way, just how unique its Black Friday is. Because MediaWorld’s Black Friday is much more than just a day of special offers: it will last an entire month with a whole range of different products on offer and bargains to tempt everyone. So, there’s just one way to define this Black Friday: the most colourful ever.

That’s the claim that kicks off the new campaign created by Armando Testa, featuring an exceptional star who is very well-known in both social media and on TV thanks to successful programmes such as LOL – (Who laughs is out), Italia’s Got Talent and Beijing Express: Gianluca Fru. One of the well-known talents from The Jackal collective, loved by both Gen Z and millennials. His comedy and curious, irreverent behaviour make him the ideal character to describe the changes that MediaWorld wants to promote with the next Black Friday.

From his all-black apartment, Fru makes an appeal for a more colourful Black Friday with a wide range of offers to surprise you. Fru will actually ask for a Black FrUday. So, wave after wave, offer after offer, MediaWorld will accompany him into a new super colourful world, full of unmissable offers.

The campaign will run throughout November with 3 consecutive waves until Cyber Monday and it includes both TV and the brand’s digital and social channels, using a series of contents where Fru has fun discovering and telling us about the most colourful Black Friday ever. Or, as he would say Black Fruday.

“The choice of a testimonial like Gianluca Fru, fully reflects our approach which is ironic but at the same time always attentive to all sensitivities. In fact, everyone can identify with a character with contagious friendliness and thanks to his light-hearted and self-irony, he encourages us to view with trust the big and small challenges, typical of everyone’s routine life” comments Vittorio Buonfiglio, MediaWorld COO

With respect to the media mix, the choices were made with the aim to be near our clients in all the phases of the funnel and to draw attention to the dynamics in the use of the media, which is increasingly digitalized and mixed. The communication also includes a video developed for both linear TV as well as Connected TV in addition to Youtube preroll and Social versions. As far as digital display is concerned, the campaign will  feature on general information sites and vertical sites in the world of shopping & offers and finally, there’s an audio plan with coverage from main traditional broadcasters and all digital platforms. 

“The media strategy we studied, reflects the omnichannel approach which makes Mediaworld stand out. It allows us to take advantage of all touchpoints in an integrated way, capitalizing on all the assets at our disposal: owned, paid and earned media both online and offline in a full funnel prospective.” Points out Francesco Sodano Head of Omnichannel Marketing who adds “the campaign also will evolve around storytelling during each of the three waves using six episodes where Fru will star in a fun miniseries that will hold high attention from the audience and will arouse curiosity throughout November.”

View the campaign at the following link

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Digital & Marketing Director: Sylvain Querné

Head of Omnichannel Marketing: Francesco Sodano

Head of Brand & Traditional Media: Mauro Miccoli

Brand Management: Mattia Alberto De Marco

Traditional Media Buying: Luca Mondo

Head of Digital Marketing: Andrea Tisato

Social Media & Content Manager: Margherita Dongiovanni

Art Director: Fernando Conti

Content Manager: Andrea Petoletti

Campaign Credits

Agency Armando Testa Group

Executive creative direction: Georgia Ferraro, Nicola Cellemme

Creative team: Maria Meioli, Lorenzo Blangiardo, Davide Carretta, Roberto Capodanno

Account team: Emanuele Cicogna Mozzoni, Chiara Simone

Social media manager: Fabio Cuscunà

Production and post-production: Armando Testa Studios

Director: Augusto Storero

Dop: Luca Esposito

Digital videomaking on set: Luca Grafner

Photographer: Massimo Bellotto

Credit Fru

Talent Management: The Jackal – Anna Manzo, Cecilia Rotunno


Davide Rossi

Lorena Bragotto  

BCW Global Press Office Contacts for MediaWorld


Gioele Grisetti

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