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MediaWorld with Armando Testa has created the first TV ad using Artificial Intelligence to open girls’ world to a future full of real possibilities thanks also to free courses in collaboration GirlsTech

<strong>MediaWorld with Armando Testa has created the first TV ad using Artificial Intelligence to open girls’ world to a future full of real possibilities thanks also to free courses in collaboration GirlsTech</strong>

Passion for technology doesn’t have a gender on the contrary, technology is a means to bridge the gender gap: this is what MediaWorld believes, and for the fourth consecutive year it is once again standing side by side with GirlsTech to reduce the gender difference in STEM academic and professional courses.  The objective is to get more and more females involved in scientific and technical subjects, encouraging them to imagine a future without limits and stereotypes.

This year the free courses focus on Artificial Intelligence. Promoting this project of free training addressed to girls and young women, MediaWorld, with thanks to the Armando Testa Agency has actually created the whole project with AI. Four young girls, of different ages, have imagined their dream jobs and thanks to AI’s visionary and innovative language, their dreams become a concrete vision of the future:  an architect of tomorrow of a super sustainable city, a scientist researching new future cures, an expert programmer of “robotics”, an astronaut dancing on the rings of Saturn.

The films were produced by the Armando Testa Studios, and were created using innovative techniques of A.I generation in Stable diffusion and featured the inclusion of a prompter, a new professional role specialised in generative AI.

MediaWorld together with GirlsTech – an initiative created by SYX, which promotes awareness of gender equality in the world of innovation and technology – will provide over 60 free courses, lasting 3 months, for girls aged 7 to 13 and workshops dedicated to students and workers aged 14 to 24 so that the future as interpreted by artificial intelligence becomes reality. Registration for the courses is open from 8 March on the website, while the campaign airs from 4 March on TV and the web.

 “We are very happy to continue the positive collaboration with GirlsTech and to promote training courses thanks to this consistent and important campaign” states Francesco Sodano, Head of Omnichannel Marketing & Retail Media MediaWorld “Using AI, in fact, can be a means to speed up reducing the gender gap thanks to its ability to make professional wishes concrete and within reach. These are the assumptions from which the idea of creating the first commercial on the topic of AI with AI was developed.”

As far as the media mix is concerned, he comments: “The essence of the omnichannel media strategy can be found in the synergy between traditional and digital media aligned with the subject and target of the  campaign. In fact, the combination of linear TV and connected TV will reach the target just as the value of the project, regardless of the viewing habits of television content. If the planning for the linear TV focuses on afternoon and evening slots with entertainment programmes and popular TV series, for connected TV the platforms selected are Disney+, Netflix and Mediaset Infinity. At the same time, the visibility of the contents produced at a digital level will also be increased thanks to a video strategy going live from 4 to 13 March, on the two most strategic channels for this type of campaign: YouTube and TikTok”.

At digital level, a rich editorial plan has also been prepared featured on all the brand’s social channels, including Instagram, with the involvement of The Jackal collective using a series of Instagram Stories where, with their typical ironic “tone of voice”, they will help raise awareness in the community about the importance of continuing to reduce the gender gap in STEM subjects, further encouraging participation in the online courses organized by MediaWorld and GirlsTech.

View the campaign on the following link:

Link for the video case history:


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Credits MediaWorld

Digital & Marketing Director: Sylvain Querné

Head of Omnichannel Marketing & Retail Media: Francesco Sodano

Head of Brand & Traditional Media: Mauro Miccoli

Brand Management: Mattia Alberto De Marco

Traditional Media Buying: Luca Mondo

Head of Digital Marketing: Andrea Tisato

Digital Media Buying: Giorgia Patricelli

Social Media & Content Manager: Margherita Dongiovanni

Art Director: Fernando Conti

Content Manager: Andrea Petoletti

Credits Armando Testa

Agency: Armando Testa Group

Executive Creative Direction: Georgia Ferraro, Nicola Cellemme

Creative team: Maria Meioli, Lorenzo Blangiardo

Account team: Emanuele Cicogna Mozzoni, Arianna Cipolloni, Irene Albano

Production and post-production: Armando Testa Studios

Director: Augusto Storero

Prompter: Dennis Pezzolato

Credits Media

Agency: Mediaplus Italia

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