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The X-Factor is about to start off again on its twelfth adventure and there are great expectations as well as some questions.

To have their pulse on the situation, Media Italia, a company in the Armando Testa Group, has carried out a research study on Twitter Live during the show.

If it was impossible to predict the reaction of the audience to the formation of the jury just a few hours in advance, yesterday evening we learned that we can expect some recovery despite some fall off in audience.

Media Italia asked 4 questions, and collected more than 5,000 (five thousand!) replies.

When asked who was the best judge in this edition, Mara Maionchi beats all the others with 39% of the vote, followed by Fedez, with Asia Argento gaining 20%, during her first appearance on the show, but she will be leaving the live part due to well known facts.

According to the Media Italia research, the audience is split regarding Asia Argento with 68% believing that it was correct to exclude her, and the remaining 32% feeling that it was not fair to her.

And there was the obvious question about who might replace her and here Elio received a surprising 39% of the votes, followed by Babi K, while Nina Zilli was a bit snubbed.

Once again Mika is still present in the hearts of the viewers of the X-Factor. In fact, there were many messages in his favour, even if his name was not included in the survey list, since he is certainly not among those who are eligible.

Media Italia has always been particularly active in the sphere of large-scale research studies on the sector and on media, and Instant Research represents a continuation of this expertise. Every Thursday research will be carried out on different issues connected with the programme.

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