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Lycia and the courage to raise your hand, in the new ad created by InTesta.

Lycia and the courage to raise your hand, in the new ad created by InTesta.

The historical deodorant brand is back on TV with a new ad describing the power of little everyday gestures. 

Sodalis Group is an Italian group in the Beauty, Health & Personal Care market, and together with InTesta (Armando Testa Group) they have created a gentle, passionate story dedicated to females. 

Lycia stands shoulder to shoulder with the three heroines, three girls.  Thanks to Lycia deodorants, they convey the idea of ​​a strong, modern woman who manages to feel sure of herself in a range of different situations: taking a stance in a working context, moving house, finally getting into her super “sweaty” dream house, but also during gentle moments, like when she is hugging her partner.                                                                                                                            Lycia is your friend for well-being who never abandons you. 

This is a hymn to female empowerment and friendship, positioning Lycia as the brand women can trust, it also marks the high point for the relaunch of the brand.  For over 40 years Lycia has been the Italian brand that embodies your Personal Care Friend for your well-being. Over time this brand has built up a relationship of trust with its consumers, while always keeping up to date.  Its deodorants are effective for 48 hours, and today they’re even more sustainable: the ad also introduces the new 100% recycled pack, demonstrating that the brand is increasingly empathetic and allied with people and the environment. 

The ad comes in cuts of 20 “and 15” for TV. It was produced by Albatros Film, directed by the duo Es.poire. In addition to the ad, a social and web campaign dedicated to the summer period is also foreseen. Media planning and buying is managed by an in-house team.


• Agency: InTesta – Armando Testa Group

• Executive Creative Directors: Nicola Cellemme, Georgia Ferraro

• Creative Team: Luisa Codispoti, Roberta Campagna

• Account Service: Laura Alberti, Giulia Bresciani 

• Production Company: AlbatrosFilm

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