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Lines Specialist and Armando Testa launch Derma Protection with the strength of a hug

Lines Specialist and Armando Testa launch Derma Protection with the strength of a hug

Lines Specialist has always been committed to offering people suffering from incontinence the maximum absorbency, comfort and discretion. Today they are aiming to satisfy a new need – well-being and healthy skin. They are doing so with Lines Specialist Derma Protection, the first and only complete range of urine protectors enriched with zinc oxide cream, particularly suitable for the most delicate skin, thanks to its protective and soothing property.

Lines has put its faith in the creativity of the Armando Testa Group for the launch of the new Derma Protection line, available exclusively in pharmacies.

The creative idea is based throughout on a delicate but at the same time protective gesture, a hug. Starting from the insight where the protagonist, a woman suffering from incontinence, who is the mum of a young woman and the grandmother of a   beautiful baby girl a few months old, makes us reflect on an issue which is particularly important for people of a certain age: the need to feel loved and protected. Women of three different generations giving and getting hugs highlights how important care and gestures of protection are to feel loved and protected at any age and to live every moment of your life in a serene and joyful way. The same care and protection that the new Lines Specialist Derma Protection line reserves for the most delicate skin.

A hug is a strong and memorable symbol, also expressed visually to create the new Derma Protection logo, made up of a hug of cream. And it is also present in the demo where the new products, with zinc oxide cream and the new more enveloping elasticized wings, take care of the needs of the skin needs just as a hug would.

The 20” ad is on air on the main television channels. From mid-May, creativity will be developed for an ooh campaign on public transport in major Italian cities and with videos screened in the best pharmacies.

The production was handled by Mercurio Production Hub with post production by Edi. Planning by Media Italia.


Fater – Lines Marketing  Team

General Manager: Antonio Fazzari

Associate Marketing Director: Ione Volpe

Marketing Manager: Lina D’Alberto

Brand Manager: Ivana Papadia                      

 Agency: Armando Testa

Executive Creative Directors: Georgia Ferraro, Nicola Cellemme

Creative Team: Cristina Macchi, Chiara Demichelis

Account Team: Raffaele Reinerio, Cristina Omenetto, Arianna Cipolloni

Production Company

Production Company: Mercurio Production Hub

Director: Cinzia Pedrizzetti

Media Centre: Media Italia  

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